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After a few days of relatively peaceful conditions, Ontario's weather forecast is now predicting a return to sticky humidity and widespread storm risks.

According to The Weather Network, Tuesday will bring showers and thunderstorms to southern and eastern parts of the province with severe storms expected in the Barrie, Kitchener and Hamilton areas.

By Wednesday, Ontario will be hit by the moisture and remnants of Tropical Storm Fred, which could cause thunderstorms to produce heavier rainfall, leading to localized flooding.

TWN reports that regions such as London, Windsor and Hamilton will likely face the brunt of tomorrow's storm with strong winds and small hail possible.

"Conditions aren't likely to change much through this weekend. Temperatures will stay warm, humidity levels will remain sticky, and just about each day will feature a chance for pop-up showers and thunderstorms," an excerpt from TWN's report reads.

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Remnants of tropical storm Henri are expected to sweep into southern Ontario on Monday, bringing heavy showers and scattered thunderstorms into parts of the province.

According to the Weather Network, the hardest hit regions will be Niagara and cottage country, which will experience a mess of conditions including, strong winds, heavy rainfall and small hail.

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