OPP Says Bad Driving Has 'Increased Significantly' This Year & Here's Who's Most At Risk

"Already been called to 206 road fatalities."

Sergeant Kerry Schmidt. Right: Gardiner Expressway.

Sergeant Kerry Schmidt. Right: Gardiner Expressway.

Anyone who's ever travelled on Highway 401 knows that dangerous driving is a very real issue in Ontario, and officials say it's only getting worse.

On Thursday, Sergeant Kerry Schmidt of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) warned drivers that officers have seen an increase in "every single driving characteristic" that cause death or injury in 2022.

These behaviours include speeding, impaired or distracted driving, and failing to wear safety equipment like seatbelts.

"We need people to understand how important it is to drive safely, drive responsibly, and share the road this year," he warns. "The OPP have already been called to 206 road fatalities, and of those road fatalities, motorcycles. Thirty motorcycle riders have been killed already this summer."

Schmidt adds that in many of the incidents, the motorcyclist was not at fault but was rather a victim of an unaware driver turning into them.

Other vulnerable road users, such as cyclists and ATV riders, have also been affected.

"We've had eight people die as a result of bicycling collisions on the roads as well."

Sadly, the summer rush makes travel conditions dangerous for drivers, boaters, and off-roaders alike, with an additional 34 people being killed in ATV and marine accidents.

"Please be careful. Enjoy the rest of August and the rest of summer. But we want you to get home safely. Please take care of yourself and have fun," Schmidt concludes.

Last week, the OPP leader took to Twitter in an attempt to find a driver who allegedly lost a wheel on Highway 407 without noticing.

Drive safe, folks.

Patrick John Gilson
Patrick John Gilson was a Creator with Narcity Media focused on Ontario gas prices and is based in Toronto, Ontario.