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People Are Sharing Annoying Things Transit Riders Do On The TTC & It's So Relatable

What are your thoughts on the TTC?

Toronto Associate Editor
People riding the TTC.

People riding the TTC.

People in Toronto usually have a love or hate relationship with the TTC because, honestly, sometimes things are so unpredictable, and you can't help but feel passionate about it.

Are you angry or frustrated about things you've seen on the TTC, specifically? You're not alone. There's a whole Reddit thread about it, and people are not holding anything back.

On Tuesday, a Redditor posted a question to their fellow Torontonians asking, "Has everyone in Toronto collectively forgotten TTC etiquette?" Naturally, many jumped at the opportunity to answer their inquiry.

The conversation started with the original Redditor posting, "Backpacks on seats. Backpacks kept on backs in packed trains. Not waiting for people to exit the train before getting on."

"I feel like I missed the memo where all TTC etiquette was thrown out the window," they added.

Another person complained about people not waiting for riders to get off the train first.

Does it bother TTC riders when people are blocking the doors when there is space to stand further in the train?

Putting your feet up anywhere other than your bed, with your shoes off obviously, is probably unacceptable in many places. But for TTC riders, it seems like it's some people's "pet peeve."

What are the official rules for standing on the escalator? Is there one? Because somehow, many people just know "stand right, walk left." And it really annoys others that people don't know this unwritten rule.

While Redditors seem to blame COVID for people forgetting TTC etiquette, others are saying they simply forgot what public transport was like before the pandemic.

In fact, this one person said nothing has changed in their 40 years of riding the TTC.

Others think it's generational because, apparently, people hide behind their screens, forgetting to look up and at their surroundings.

So, TTC rider, remember there are people around you, and sometimes it's just better to be cautious of your surroundings at all times.

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