Ping Pong Tables Are Popping Up All Over Toronto & Here's Where You Can Play For Free

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City Councillor Josh Matlow playing ping pong. Right: Ping pong table in a park.

City Councillor Josh Matlow playing ping pong. Right: Ping pong table in a park.

Summer in Toronto just got better because ping pong tables are popping up all over the city, so grab a friend and head to a park, the games are about to begin.

Narcity spoke with City Councillor Josh Matlow, and he said that he wants to make parks "more fun" by installing activities such as ping pong tables because "people really love them."

The city has been adding ping pong tables to parks, and they have been spotted in places such as Oriole Park, Graham Park and Davisville Park, and the 6ix should be expecting more!

He added that the tables are really accessible and an affordable way to have some entertainment in parks.

"You can go to even a dollar store and pick up a couple of paddles and some ping pong balls, and you're ready to play... for so many people, it's a really welcome addition to the local park," Matlow said.

For Matlow, ping pong is also a game he grew up playing with his father in his basement, so it means a lot to him.

Many of the initiatives that the city councillor advocates for "are all about making our public spaces more animated, more fun, more enjoyable."

Other than ping pong tables, Matlow believes that people should "have the right to responsibly have a drink in a park because not everybody in the city has a backyard."

He says that many people who don't have backyards, especially those that live in apartments, don't have the same kinds of "privilege and perks," and so he wants to support their "quality of life in public spaces that are meant for their enjoyment," Matlow concludes.

So, grab those rackets and balls and make your way over to a ping pong table for some friendly competition.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

Mira Nabulsi
Associate Editor
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