Someone Used A Snake As A Weapon In A Downtown Toronto Fight & People Are Shocked (VIDEO)

The snake is real! 🐍

A man with a snake using it as a weapon in downtown Toronto.
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A man with a snake using it as a weapon in downtown Toronto.

A street fight in Toronto was caught on video and the weapon used has shocked many viewers because the person was whacking around a snake.

Kyle Taylor posted a video on social media platforms showing the fight. A person holding a pretty large snake is seen waving it around and using it to hit another person, while the man on the receiving end was trying to defend himself.

A Toronto Police car then zooms into the street and the person using the snake throws it to the ground while also falling flat on the road. The video then cuts out before knowing what happens next.

But the snake then slithered away softly...

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

"Toronto Video Of Year Contender (man beats man with SNAKE)," Taylor's caption on Twitter stated. "Yes, you read that right, buddy is attacking another man in Toronto @ Dundas and Manning, it is believed with a snake… peak Toronto."

Toronto Police confirmed to Narcity that the incident occurred on Wednesday at 11:49 p.m. and it involved a real snake.

"A 45-year-old man has been charged with Assault with a Weapon and Wilfully Cause Unnecessary Pain/Suffering or Injury to Animal," a spokesperson said.

"A real snake? A rubber snake?" someone in the Twitter comments questioned, to which Taylor responded, "Yes real."

"At least they weren’t using guns," another shared, to which the poster said, "Glass half full type... I like you."

Others were worried about the snake and its well-being.

"The snake doesn't appear to be moving, is it OK? Poor thing," a person commented.

"Hahahaahahaha... oh my whole family is laughing... the way snake quickly slithered away... :) That's either a new level of animal abuse or aggravated assault," another shared.

Some of you may be wondering if owning a snake is even legal in Ontario and the answer is yes but there are some conditions.

"In general, for reptiles and amphibians that are native to Ontario, you need approval before you can:

  • Take (collect) them from the wild.
  • Buy or sell them.
  • Release them into the wild.

If you have approval to take or collect them, you can keep or breed the animals, without a licence," the government of Ontario states.

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