This Sunflower Farm Near Toronto Has A Giant 12-m Rubber Duck & A New Field Of Flowers

More rubber animals are coming.🐥

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Giant inflatable rubber duck in an Ontario sunflower field.

Giant inflatable rubber duck in an Ontario sunflower field.

You can get lost in golden blooms at many sunflower fields across Ontario, but this is the only one with a giant rubber duck.

Sunrise Sunflower Farms has two dreamy locations in Hamilton and Newmarket, but their Hamilton field is bigger and is home to the colossal 12-metre (or 39 foot) tall ducky. The Newmarket farm has two 6-metre tall ducks you can still take silly selfies with.

Both spots have new corn mazes this year so there are plenty of different ways to get lost in nature.

If you think a giant yellow duck is a fun photo backdrop, the farm will be bringing even more fun "rubber" animals into the fields this year. You can look forward to walking by giant tigers, geese and penguins (oh my). Once you've frolicked through the fields with these giant inflatable animals, you can buy pre-cut bouquets or potted sunflowers to bring home.

The sunflower farms have open rows through the fields so it's easy to walk around and admire the flowers up close. You'll find new rows of flowers at both farms that will be full of dahlias, cosmos and daisies. The Newmarket spot, on the other hand, has a lily pond, other flower fields and some farm animals like chickens, goats, and a pony.

Both of their sunflower fields have over a thousand flowers to look at. The Hamilton farm is about 50 acres large and the Newmarket location is roughly 20 acres in size. The growth of the plants is staggered so they bloom at slightly different times, which means you can enjoy these bright florals throughout the season.

Sunrise Sunflower Farm

Price: $10 per adult

When: Late July (exact date TBA)

Address: 16688 Kennedy Rd., Newmarket & 1846-ON 6, Hamilton, ON

Why You Need To Go: Wandering these dreamy fields of sunflowers is a beautiful way to spend an afternoon, and these two have giant rubber ducks (with more fun animals coming this year), to take fun selfies with.


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