These Ritzy Toronto Condos Look Like Something Out Of A 'Knives Out' Mystery

You may get a visit from Detective Blanc.

1300 Islington Ave, Unit 2907, 1 Chedington Place, Unit 7C

1300 Islington Ave, Unit 2907, 1 Chedington Place, Unit 7C

If you recently watched Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery and thought to yourself, "wow, this is exactly my vibe. I wished it came in small." Good news! It does. However, somebody already bought it, and it still cost them an absolute boatload.

According to Strata, luxury properties are selling like hotcakes in Toronto right now. Why? Because although the skyrocketing cost of living is affecting typical buyers, those able to drop $3 million on a royalty-level suite aren't exactly hurting for financing. Go figure.

In fact, four massive, murder-plot-worthy condos just sold in under 21 days in the city and all of them looked like contenders for the setting of the third Knives Out movie.

Don't buy it? Well, there's visuals!

111 St. Clair Ave West, Unit 1907, is by far the most normal looking of the ritzy units, well, as low-key as 12-foot ceilings and 2,000 square feet of living space gets.

111 St. Clair Ave West, Unit 1907111 St. Clair Ave West, Unit 1907Photo via

The multi-millionaire who scooped this place up is currently eating off marble countertops, relaxing in a massive open-concept living room and cooking or hiring someone to in a bonafide chef's kitchen. They're also the least likely of the buyers to end up in a gripping mystery, thanks to their lack of extravagance.

The property sold for a whopping $3,969,000, which makes it the most expensive of the bunch.

1 Chedington Place, Unit 7C, sold in a single day for $3,575,000, and it's not hard to see why. Unlike the previous listing, this unit screams lavish, looking more like a screenshot of the latest Knives Out film than a real place where people live.

1 Chedington Place, Unit 7C1 Chedington Place, Unit 7CPhoto via

You know you're flaunting you're one-percent status when your condo has crown moulding, a marble statue at its entrance and a private elevator. Plus, It's really hard not to picture Daniel Craig sipping tea and musing on its gorgeous patio area.

What sold in 12 days for $2,300,000 and exudes Summerhill prestige? 40 Oaklands Ave, Unit 338.

40 Oaklands Ave, Unit 33840 Oaklands Ave, Unit 338Photo via

This Midtown masterpiece was designed by the architect behind the Yorkville Design Centre and features a private rooftop terrace that spans over 600 square feet.

Throw in a curved staircase and a high-end kitchen and you've earned yourself a visit from Detective Benoit Blanc.

Last but not least is 1300 Islington Ave, Unit 2907, which sold for $2,199,000 in 19 days. Despite selling for cheaper than the other units, this apparent tribute to Ancient Greece is arguably the strongest contender for future filming locations.

1300 Islington Ave, Unit 29071300 Islington Ave, Unit 2907Photo via

The condo includes mirrored ceilings, Corinthian columns and a massive 4,000 square feet of living space. Also, Its bathroom looks more like a spa than a place to do your business. However, it is technically in Etobicoke, which may explain the lower price tag.

Patrick John Gilson
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