This New Ontario Spa Experience Has Outdoor Saunas & A Nordic-Inspired Menu

This pop-up spa is here just for the winter.

Wood burning barrel sauna by a fire pit. Right: Man in a cold plunge pool outside.
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Wood burning barrel sauna by a fire pit. Right: Man in a cold plunge pool outside.

There is a new winter spa experience in Ontario and you can heat things up in barrel saunas before enjoying a Nordic-inspired menu.

Stoked Sauna Co. opened a new guided sauna experience on the patio of Kingston's Frontenac Club and you have until April 2 to check it out. Grab your bathing suit and flip-flops so you can enjoy a thermal experience in a modern environment this winter.

The Stoke and Chill sessions are an hour and 15 minutes long and include the Nordic practice of sauna bathing, a cold plunge pool, and an outdoor relaxation space with firepits. You'll forget you're in a downtown area as you feel the thermal benefits in a calming space filled with music, the smell of wood burning and the sparkle of twinkly lights.

A trained sauna guide will be there to teach you the benefits of the Nordic spa-like experience, how to get the most out of your time there and the history of saunas too. Change rooms are on-site and towels are provided. The spa recommends hydrating before, during and after to enhance the experience.

Your afternoon of de-stressing can also include themed eats if you grab food from the Frontenac Club. It has a custom Nordic-inspired menu which you can add to your spa package for $28.

The après spa menu includes food options like Frontenac Fondue and Candied Salmon and you can even sip on mulled wine. There will also be fresh water and locally sourced tea available.

The winter experience is open from Thursday through Sunday until April 2, 2023. The spa package starts at $98 and there is a lifestyle package available if you want to enjoy the experience multiple times. The Frontenac Club is also a hotel so you can enjoy a magical winter getaway in Kingston.

Stoked Sauna Co.

Price: $98+

When: Select dates until April 2, 2023

Address: Frontenac Club patio, 225 King St. E., Kingston, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can soak up the benefits of a thermal experience by sauna bathing and plunging into a cold pool and there is a Nordic menu to enjoy after the spa.


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