This Toronto Restaurant Was Just Named The Best Italian Dining Spot In The World For 2022

It also was awarded "Meal of the Year".

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This Toronto Restaurant Was Just Named The Best Italian Dining Spot In The World For 2022

A Toronto restaurant received some major recognition this week when it was named the best place in the world for Italian cuisine outside of Italy.

Don Alfonso 1890, an upscale spot located in Casa Loma, received first place in 50 Top Italy'sThe Best Italian Restaurants in The World 2022 awards.

The classification looks at 50 restaurants around the world that are outside of Italy's national borders. The list is compiled by over 350 inspectors.

The World's Best Italian Restaurant Is In This

This isn't the first time Don Alfonso has been recognized by this brand — it also ranked number two for the same category in 2019.

The restaurant also came in first for Meal of the Year 2022 for its multi-course tasting menu, and dishes like the Tagliatelle alla rosa canina and Vesuvio di Rigatoni were praised.

The venue is the only North American location of the Don Alfonso brand, and it brings the flavours of the Amalfi coast to Toronto. Set in the castle conservatory, you can enjoy a meal surrounded by chandeliers, stained glass, and more.

The only other Canadian restaurant to rank in the Best Italian Restaurant awards was Cioppino’s, a spot located in Vancouver.

Don Alfonso 1890 offers a la carte dishes as well as a classic tasting menu. The restaurant is closing as of January 5 due to indoor dining restrictions, but it will reopen once restrictions lift.

Don Alfonso 1890

Price: 💸💸💸

Cuisine: Italian

Address: 1 Austin Terrace, Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: This elegant restaurant, located in Casa Loma, was named the Best Italian Restaurant in The World for 2022.


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Ontario Associate Editor
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