Toronto Was Called The Best Canadian City To Visit This Winter & The Responses Are SO Brutal

"4 p.m. sunsets, lack of patios and air that hurts my face." 👀😂

Toronto Was Called The Best Canadian City To Visit This Winter & The Responses Are SO Brutal
Toronto Associate Editor

Toronto keeps cracking top spots for a variety of rankings (that are both worthy of bragging rights and not so much) but Torontonians apparently have a lot to say about its latest achievement.

An article published by BBC Travel this week named the 6ix as the Canadian city to visit this winter. The piece pointed to its plethora of parks, ice skating, sustainability initiatives, and bird watching as some of the reasons why.

"Toronto is a city that must be walked to be fully enjoyed, even if it gets cold," one Toronto resident shared with the U.K.-based publication.

However, others on Reddit seem to wholeheartedly disagree and had lots to say about Toronto in the wintertime.

One Redditor quipped that the 6ix is "absolutely NOT" the place to visit in the cold months. Another — a self-proclaimed "proud" Torontonian — said that the city is "terrible" to visit during the frigid season.

A few went into some detail as to why TO should not be on a traveller's bucket list for a winter getaway.

"Gotta admit, 4 PM sunsets, lack of patios, air that hurts my face, poor transit that doesn't adequately replace driving to all the winter spots, is not exactly a recipe for being happy in the winter," one user shared.

Another weighed out some of the differences between Toronto and cities overseas.

"Yep, definitely coming to check out Yorkdale and our desolate waterfront all the way from Europe over the Swiss Alps, Italy, south coast of Spain, etc., etc.," they wrote.

One Redditor apparently wondered why Toronto would be a travel destination for international sightseeing.

"I don’t consider Toronto as a touristic city," the user wrote. "There is nothing to see here except the CN tower and an infinite loop of Tim Hortons, condos and Shoppers."

The snow bunnies who are still keen on checking out the 6ix for their winter getaways might want to consider packing their warmest clothes and a good pair of boots. Earlier this week, Ontario's weather forecast called for a "wintry punch" of 30 centimetres of snow. Yikes.

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Alex Arsenych
Toronto Associate Editor