TTC Employee Goes 'Rogue' On A Train Speaker & Urges People To Contact John Tory's Office

"These guys really don't care what you guys are doing."

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People sitting on a TTC train. Right: A TTC subway train.

People sitting on a TTC train. Right: A TTC subway train.

A TTC employee made an announcement while operating a train, urging people to contact Mayor John Tory's office due to a service disruption.

Taking public transit regularly can be pretty frustrating for commuters, but apparently, train operators can get annoyed as well.

Someone recorded a train operator ranting over the speakers on a Line 2 train, and it caught the attention of many.

The train service was disrupted between Ossington Station and Keele Station, which seemed to have annoyed the TTC operator.

"If you'd like to voice your displeasure, you should probably call the mayor's office, John Tory. He's the one who's in charge here," the operator said. "You should probably call him and let him know what you think about this."

The TTC employee told customers that shuttle buses were waiting for them upstairs and continued to rant about it.

"I do apologize for the inconvenience. I do apologize for the lack of communication for transit control. These guys really don't care what you guys are doing," they added.

"So once again, folks, please voice your displeasure with the mayor's office and customer service," the TTC operator concluded.

TTC responded to the video that's going viral and said, "With respect to a video making the rounds of an unauthorized subway announcement. The #TTC is aware of this incident and it's being looked into."

"This is not an appropriate way to advise customers of delays in service," they added.

There's even a Reddit thread about it, and people are sharing their opinions on the matter.

The Reddit poster captioned the video, "TTC subway driver goes rogue on the tannoy and tells riders to complain to Tory for transit delays."

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"HE IS SPOT ON!" someone said.

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"John Tory is busy taking pictures with some sh*t, he won't get back to you," another added.

"I love what this employee did," a Redditor praised.

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Toronto Associate Editor
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