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This TTC Map Shows The Only Stations That Have A Public Bathroom And It Proves Our Transit Is Absolutely Pathetic

You don't need me to tell you that the Toronto transit system has a few flaws, to say the least. From the notoriously small range of areas that TTC trains can reach to long wait times thanks to delays, there are definitely a few aspects of the TTC that need a tune-up. 

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Though there is one negative aspect of the TTC that not many people seem to focus on, or at least don't realize is such an issue until it's relevant. That is, when you're stuck on the TTC, have to go to the bathroom, and can't find a public washroom anywhere

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Every Torontonian already knows that for the most part, the TTC doesn't have a lot of bathrooms and we all just seem to accept it. Though when a local 3D artist named Robin Hufgard put that reality into a visual, it became a lot more obvious that the TTC has such a serious lack of bathrooms that it's borderline ridiculous: 

Via Robin Hufgard | LinkedIn

That's right, out of the 76 stops there are on the TTC map, only a select few offer public washrooms. While Hufgard's map identifies 6, Wilson and Warden also have washrooms but even then, that only brings the total to a measly 8 stations. Meaning if you've got to go during rush hour, you better have a diaper. 

Unfortunately, it's not just bathrooms that the TTC is lacking, Hufgard also provided a map showing the number of stops that are accessible for the disabled and it's an upsetting reality. Clearly, for disabled Torontonians trying to get around the city via TTC, it can be an absolute nightmare depending on where they live: 

Via Robin Hufgard | LinkedIn

While new and improved stations may be on the top of most of our desires when it comes to the TTC, it's clear that there are more pressing issues that need to be addressed first. In a perfect world, every station would be accessible to all riders and bathrooms could be available for more than 9.5% of the entire map. 

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