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After a decade of strategic planning, Toronto is finally making Yonge Street more pedestrian-friendly. 

The City Council announced the approval of YongeTOmorrow on Wednesday, a project that'll transform part of the popular street into an urban centre.

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The initiative, which was approved with a 21-5 vote, will also plant trees along Yonge to help turn it into a green space.

YongeTOmorrow promises to supply wider sidewalks, patios, public art, benches and car-free streets.

Daytime operations on Yonge Street will now be focused on elevating the experience of people walking, cycling or taking transit.

However, overnight services such as TTC night buses, deliveries and general traffic will be given two-way access.

The project will cost approximately $70.5 million and won't be finished until 2025.

But by that point, Toronto will have its own mini Times Square. 

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