8 Tweets About Zellers Coming Back To Canada In 2023 That Will Probably Make You Chuckle

"Nature IS healing."

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An old Zellers location.

An old Zellers location.

It's true, Canada — Zellers is making a comeback in 2023 and the people of the internet have some spicy things to say about the news.

According to a report from the Globe and Mail, the Hudson's Bay Company is going to open new Zellers locations in The Bay's department stores starting as early as next year.

There aren't many more details floating around yet, but folks on Twitter are already gearing up for the return of the classic Canadian retailer.

"First Tobey Maguire then Hayden Christensen and now Zellers? 2022 year of the comeback," wrote @DariusDomingues.

"Zellers is coming back?! Nature IS healing," tweeted @JigReeper.

"In light of the news of #Zellers return, proud to announce that I will absolutely be the first in line to ride this thing," said @krisprou of the iconic children's ride that used to be located at the entrance and exit of the store.

"My 66-year-old immigrant Indian mother's life has just been made," tweeted @VSM0824 "Having successful children pales in comparison to Zellers being back."

And it looks like Zeddy might need a little cleaning up.

"Ummm. They might need to find a new spokesman. Zeddy ze bear isn’t doing so well since he was fired," wrote @TrevorBoller.

And @vmochama had some thoughts about how the whole thing is going to be done.

"What will the resurrection ritual be? 13 MBAs in garnet robes each putting a zeddy bear into a cauldron of melted gold?" she tweeted.

"Gonna be awkward when they realize no one wanted Zellers back, they just wanted the memory and the nostalgia of a simpler time," tweeted @elamin88.


"The fourth horseman of the Canadian apocalypse, Zellers, returns, signifies End Times, eh," wrote @jenwhitesays.

Fingers crossed the return of Zellers isn't the harbinger of the End Times!

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