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6 Haunted Places In Vancouver That Have A Terrifying Past & The Photos Give Us The Chills

From terrifying histories to sightings of little girls walking around, Vancouver is no exception when it comes to spooky tales.

In every city, there are bound to be a few ghost stories and Vancouver has no shortage of spooky places to visit.

Take a tour around these spots if you don't mind making a few new friends — who may have died a hundred years ago.

Old Spaghetti Factory

The Old Spaghetti Factory in Gastown is known widely for its haunted past. Not only does it look incredibly creepy, but it also has four ghosts living there, according to the Ghosts of Vancouver website. The website said that the first ghost is "the spirit of a tram conductor. He frequents the old trolley car that's parked inside the restaurant and contains dining tables."

The trolley car was added to the building in 1969, right before it opened in 1970. Many people think when they bought the car, he came with the purchase. The second ghost sounds a lot scarier, described on the website as "a small, mischievous spirit with a ruddy face and bright red hair. Simply known as the Little Red Man or Looky-loo."

Apparently, his favourite trick is to scare people in the ladies' room.

The third ghost is a little boy, who is so scary he actually made a server quit when she saw him one night. The last is a little girl, who sits while holding a balloon. Just a bit creepy.

The Vogue Theatre

This is one of the places that you just look at and think "definitely haunted."

It opened in 1941 and has movies and live events, and also, some say, ghosts.

According to Ghosts of Vancouver, there is a "dark haired and severe-looking man" who walks its stage. Staff and visitors have seen him and heard some scary noises, too.

There are many spooky stories in the history of this place, even one from a previous general manager. According to the website, he encountered the ghost in the basement and even heard it playing a drum set once.

Beatty Street Drill Hall

There is a bunch of spooky reports about this Canadian Forces armoury, which is Vancouver's oldest drill hall. It is massive and has beautiful, but slightly creepy, architecture.

According to the Vancouver Archives, the hall has always housed Vancouver and British Columbia's senior militia regiment.

Spooky sounds are said to often be heard in the hall — footsteps, things falling, and voices. Multiple ghosts have been seen, which may be unsurprising given that the people who were once there were involved in the Boer War, as well as the First and Second World Wars.

The Giggle Dam Dinner Theatre

The Giggle Dam has a terrifying past has been deemed haunted by Vancouver Spooks Paranormal Investigations (VSPI).

According to the Vancouver Horror Nights website, which is hosted at The Giggle Dam, it is one of Canada's most haunted theatres and was the scene of a "gruesome murder" in 1993.

William Ronald Rudy is said to have been killed by his own business partner in the theatre. According to the website, his body was hidden under the stage for several weeks until it was discovered by police.

Since Rudy's death, ghosts including a little girl who plays in the hallways, a man who is in a trenchcoat, a former server who dies in the building, and Rudy himself, have been spotted, according to Vancouver Horror Nights.

The VSPI website said: "With the strength of the evidence and research, VSPI agreed to state the Theatre is indeed 'haunted.'"

Dominion Trust Building

Vancouver Public Library

This building was built in 1910, and according to Ghosts of Vancouver, was the tallest building in the British Empire. Like most old buildings, it comes with some haunted baggage.

It's now a heritage building and footsteps are "heard on the interior staircase between the seventh and eighth floors," said the website.

There are also reports of a male ghost who might be the architect of the building.

The Fairmont Hotel

There is no denying that this hotel looks like it's straight out of a horror movie. Ghosts of Vancouver says the hotel is haunted by the "Lady in Red."

The building was opened in 1939, which gave it lots of time to get scary AF.

The Lady In Red is said to often be seen on the hotel's 14th floor and in the lobby. Guests have even reported seeing her in their rooms.

According to the website, a family that checked into a room on the 14th floor called the front desk to ask whether their room had been double-booked after spotting the Lady in Red.

    Morgan Leet
    Western Canada Editor
    Morgan Leet is the Western Canada Editor for Narcity Canada's Western Desk focused on interprovincial travel, and is based in Vancouver.
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