9 Ways You Can Tell Someone Is From BC Without Them Actually Telling You

If you've done them all, you're definitely from BC!

9 Ways You Can Tell Someone Is From BC Without Them Actually Telling You
Contributing Writer

B.C. is known for its beauty, with incredible outdoor activities and scenic views that draw in a lot of tourists.

Especially in the summer, the province is filled with people from around the world coming to experience what B.C. is like. Then you also have all of the people who moved here for good.

If you're actually from B.C., though, you can definitely tell who's just visiting and who's a true British Columbian.

You can probably guess what some of the telltale signs are, but if not, here are some ways you can see if someone is from B.C. without them actually having to say it.

Wildlife doesn't faze you

Bears in your backyard? Good morning to you too!

British Columbians are truly at one with nature.

You've swiped on a guy whose dating profile is just him with a fish

A classic move.

His profile might also be mainly photos of him with his beloved truck. Either way, it's a B.C. vibe.

Your Instagram bio says you're from Vancouver

What can I say? We are one proud bunch.

Apparently, anywhere between actual Vancouver and Chilliwack counts as YVR.

Cyclists... You either hate them, or you are one

It really is one or the other, and if you're from Victoria, odds are you are probably a cyclist. It was ranked the most bike-friendly city in Canada!

You've shown up more than an hour early to catch the ferry

Headed across the water to Victoria? It might take you a while.

There's even a BC Ferries meme page on Instagram for you to scroll through and have a laugh while you wait.

You've done these hikes (just for Instagram)

B.C. is a nature lovers' paradise, and the hikes are super Instagram worthy, which means everyone has a reason to go — even if it's just once for a pic.

One point for each hike you've done out of these: Joffre Lakes, Garibaldi Lake, Stawamus Chief, Grouse Grind, Quarry Rock and Eagle Bluffs.

You have a 'usual order' at Cactus Club

Whether it's Cactus Club, Earls or Joey, you definitely already know what you like and don't like — maybe because you've tried the whole menu by now.

You've been on a boat in Okanagan

It doesn't get more B.C. than a boat party (or just a day out on the water).

Bonus points if you brought tubes with you!

You've taken a picture at Cultus Lake

Are you really from B.C. if you don't have photo proof of going here?

You probably also have a pic from that one time you went to the tulip/sunflower festival, and it looks great!

Maria Diment
Contributing Writer