Shocking TikTok Of A Man Screaming At Workers In A Tim Hortons Drive-Thru Goes Viral

"Dude definitely does not need any more caffeine."

TikTok of a man in Surrey exiting his car at a Tim Hortons drive-thru.
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TikTok of a man in Surrey exiting his car at a Tim Hortons drive-thru.

A man in Vancouver was caught on video screaming at Tim Hortons workers about his coffee while in a drive-thru in Metro Vancouver. A TikTok of the incident, taken by someone else in the drive-thru, has gone viral — and people are shocked by it.

Narcity confirmed with the Tim Hortons located at Sullivan Heights in Surrey that the incident happened on Sunday, February 5. The TikTok account @apoxonindustries posted the video on February 6, and it's already gained over 888,000 views.

The video, filmed by someone behind the man in the drive-thru lineup, shows the driver spewing profanities at the employees, banging the side of his truck, and even getting out of his vehicle at one point.

"Shut the f*** up, give me my coffee," you can hear the man yelling in the video. "It's super simple, are you dumb?"

By the sounds of it, this guy really wanted his extra large dark roast double-double. The person filming joked in the video that the driver "had too much espresso."


Dude, I don't care how badly you want your coffee, you don't get to verbally assault service workers. #unacceptablebehavior #Vancouver #RoadRage

Commenters on the video agreed, obviously appalled by the driver's behaviour.

"Man needs to be humbled," one person wrote.

Other people mocked him, saying that "expresso isn't on the menu... it's espresso."

Finding humour in the situation is TikTok's specialty, but there are also people concerned about the incident.

"Why don’t people want to work low paying CS/food jobs? This is why. Too many people like this," someone commented.

One commenter poked fun at an obvious cliché: "The truck he’s driving is just the cherry on top to a stereotypical sandwich."

TikTok user Jenn told Narcity that she took the video and forwarded it to the Tim Hortons staff to share with police, if needed. Jenn said that the Tim Hortons location's credit and debit machines were down that day, so they were only accepting cash.

"There were signs, but the person must have missed them — it was rainy and the one at his order board may have been washed out," she added.

Apoxon said that she posted the video in hopes "that if the person sees it, he's able to do some serious self-reflection and address whatever it is that's causing him to lash out like this."

Cpl. Vanessa Munn of the Surrey RCMP told Narcity that they attended the scene and are following up with parties involved to get a full account of what transpired.

"Certainly the behaviour displayed in the video by the driver towards a staff member at Tim Hortons is unacceptable," she said.

If you happen to swing by the Sullivan Heights Timmies — according to a commenter, "they are one of the better Timmies out service..." — maybe show them a little extra kindness.

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