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6 Things Locals Say To Add To Your BC Vacation Itinerary & Don’t Forget Your Hiking Boots

People are dishing on all their best-kept secrets.

Vancouver Staff Writer
​A girl sitting on a bench looking at the water. Right: A silhouette of a person and a surfboard.

A girl sitting on a bench looking at the water. Right: A silhouette of a person and a surfboard.

There are so many fun things to do, places to see and restaurants to check out in B.C., but for visitors, it might be hard to know the best places to go.

Locals are coming together in a B.C. Reddit thread to share some of their must-try stops while in the province.

From hikes with amazing views to some of the most drool-worthy restaurants out there, here is a list of six essential stops to add to your summer vacation itinerary.

Hike up Dog Mountain Trail from Seymour Mountain

This hike up Seymour Mountain is not too difficult and provides some stunning views. It's one of the greatest hikes to do the first thing you step off the plane.

A Reddit user mentioned that this hike is super rewarding and not to forget to bring picnic supplies with you!

Visit the lakes around Whistler, B.C.

One Reddit user mentioned checking out all of the lakes scattered around Whistler. Lost Lake, Green Lake and Alta Lake are all stunning bodies of water to visit with great walking trails around them.

Plus, if you have a dog with you, these lakes are very dog friendly and some have their own off-leash dog areas for the pooches.

Explore Long Beach in Tofino

Long beach is a great spot to watch the waves crash and maybe even take up surfing. A Reddit user mentioned that there is a great BBQ area and beer garden nearby the campground on the beach.

Rent a bike and ride it around Stanley Park

Stanley Park is an iconic park with amazing views of the ocean. The Seawall surrounding Stanley Park is a great way to truly take in all of the best Vancouver scenery.

One user recommended grabbing some hot dogs, swimming in Third Beach and stopping by Stanley Park Brewing while you are at it.

Britannia Mine Museum

Britannia Mine Museum is a fun and historic site to see along the Sea to Sky Highway. It's a great stop whether you are on your way to either Whistler or Squamish, according to one user.

You can even do an underground tour to really get an in-depth idea of what it was like when it was a real operating mine.

Eat at Pasta Lupino

According to a Reddit user, this restaurant is where locals eat in Whistler, B.C.. The restaurant serves up fresh, handmade pasta so if you're looking for a delicious meal, check out this hidden gem.

Before you get going, check our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

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