You Can Explore Turquoise Lakes & Stunning Mountain Trails At This Park Near Vancouver

Spring = hiking season.

Contributing Writer, Vancouver
People standing near Garibaldi Lake in Garibaldi Park, B.C.

People standing near Garibaldi Lake in Garibaldi Park, B.C.

Vancouver locals don't have to stray far to find the best hikes in B.C. Just an hour's drive away from downtown, you'll discover Garibaldi Provincial Park, which is the site of over 90 kilometres of epic trails, mountain vistas and stunning blue waters.

This park offers year-round adventures popular among locals and tourists: hike up to the sky-high Panorama Ridge (a challenging 28.3-kilometre loop with stellar summit views) or go swimming in vibrant Garibaldi Lake.

Since spring is about to bloom in B.C., a visit here could be the ultimate way to awaken from a winter slumber — just be mindful of any weather advisories before you head out.

The lakes in this park are mostly glacier-fed, which means they'll likely be a little chilly whenever you visit — but who can deny the exhilaration of a cold-water dip?

Just be sure to bring along a warm towel, all the weather-appropriate hiking gear you'll need, a little picnic and a good book. Okay, those last ones aren't necessary but they're strongly advised on the basis of fun.

You'll want to set aside a full day for this excursion: the trails can take a while and you'll likely be tempted to spend time sun-or-forest bathing.

Unfortunately, your adventure-loving pet will have to stay at home; just show them the pictures you take while you're there and they'll understand.

Garibaldi Provincial Park

Price: Free for day use

Address: Brackendale, B.C.

Why You Need To Go: Crystal-blue lakes, 90 kilometres of challenging trails and mind-blowing vistas can be found at this park in B.C.


Sierra Riley
Contributing Writer, Vancouver
Sierra Riley is a Contributing Writer for Narcity Canada and is based in Vancouver.