A Bride Banned Kids From Her Wedding & Even The Moms On TikTok Are Loving The Result

"Let's make more events kid free."

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The bride dancing with a group of people at her wedding. Right: A couple exchanging rings at the wedding ceremony.

The bride dancing with a group of people at her wedding. Right: A couple exchanging rings at the wedding ceremony.

Every couple has the right to plan their wedding how they see fit and one bride is seeing a wave of support over a rule she made for her big day.

TikToker Ashley shared a video that shows she and her husband banned kids at their California wedding in December 2022.

In the video, Ashley is dancing with a crowd of people at her wedding reception to the popular TikTok sound "Girl f*ck them kids and f*ck you too."

In the text over the video she wrote, "POV: You have no kids at your wedding" and added "Ily [I love you] but hard pass" in the caption.


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In the video, which has over 4 million views, Ashley shows viewers her wedding invitation which has "adults-only ceremony & reception" written on it.

She also shared a Q&A that appears to be from her wedding website, in which she explains how she broke the news to her guests.

"While we love your kids, our wedding is going to be adults-only (18+) event due to space and budget constraints," the invite reads. "We hope this notice is enough time for you to make other arrangements to take a night off and celebrate with us!"

Since she posted the video, Ashley is seeing nothing but love in the comments section, with people praising the rule.

A lot of the supportive comments are from women who say they are moms.

"I am a mom and I would try to find someone to babysit. And if I can't find anyone, then I'll simply won't come. Why is that so hard for some people?" one comment reads.

"As a mom of 3, if I'm invited to a wedding where kids ARE allowed, I'm not coming. Let's make more events kid free," another mom shared.

"Even if kids are invited, I’m not bringing mine. I want a night off to have fun," another commenter noted.

One mother wrote she had the same rule at her wedding and added, "Who wants kids running around at an expensive party, sorry not sorry."

Other former brides also shared similar decisions they made at their wedding.

"I had a no kids wedding, it was amazing to just have fun with my friends," one TikToker expressed.

One person said they were at a wedding "where a child talked LOUDLY during the whole ceremony and the parents did nothing."

Ashley replied to a few comments on her page and reiterated that she had "no regrets" and it was the "best decision ever."

Do you like the idea of a child-free wedding?

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Associate Editor, Global
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