A Tim Hortons Food Product Is Being Recalled In Canada Due To The 'Presence Of Insects'

Not what you want to find in your meal.

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Tim Hortons.

Tim Hortons.

The government of Canada recently issued a notification over a recalled food product and it involves Tim Hortons.

On Thursday, November 10, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) published a Class 3 recall for Tim Hortons brand Soup Base Chicken Noodle.

According to the agency, the recall is due to extraneous material in the "presence of insects."

The affected product has a UPC of 000 66200 02329 4 and includes items "sold up to and including October 20, 2022."

For further information on best-before dates, you can check out the CFIA listing.

The product was sold in Ontario and Alberta for use in hotels, restaurants and institutions.

The CFIA advises not to "use, sell, serve or distribute the affected product."

According to an email sent to Narcity by Tim Hortons Communications, "the impacted batches of Chicken Noodle Soup were removed from restaurants and destroyed at that time and new product from another supplier was delivered to all affected restaurants."

"Chicken Noodle Soup that has been sold at Tim Hortons restaurants elsewhere in the country is produced by a different manufacturer and was not impacted," they also said.

"Canned Tim Hortons soup sold at grocery stores is also manufactured separately by another supplier and was not impacted by the product quality issue."

The email also said that they are investigating what happened with the food supplier and will not work with them until they are sure the issue will not happen again.

"While we believe relatively few guests were impacted by this food quality issue, we regret that they had an experience with us that didn't live up to their expectations, or ours," they said.

As well as the Tim Hortons recall, the CFIA has issued four other warnings in November.

They include a recall on Tiramisu Twist Cookies due to "almond and hazelnut which are not declared on the label," Cappola brand Genoa Salami due to undeclared milk and wheat, two items from Seed Ranch Flavor Co. due to undeclared soy, and Bliss Balls brand Chocolate Ginger and Everland brand Chocolate Hazelnuts due to undeclared milk.

How do I find out about food recalls?

The CFIA posts recalls and notifications for food items that might contain undeclared allergens, listeria, salmonella, chemical contamination and extraneous material, amongst other things, on the government site.

You can also find information about health product recalls, consumer product recalls, automotive recalls and public advisories there.

Stay up to date and stay safe, folks!

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