MGK And Megan Fox Were Spotted In Atlanta & He Said The City Isn't 'The Same' Without YSL

Machine Gun Kelly and Young Thug are friendship goals.

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox taking a selfie. Right: Young Thug and Machine Gun Kelly.
Georgia Contributing Writer

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox taking a selfie. Right: Young Thug and Machine Gun Kelly.

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox were spotted in Atlanta this weekend, where he played alongside Avril Lavigne at State Farm Arena for his Mainstream Sellout tour.

MGK arrived on Thursday and shared images of the Atlanta skyline on his social media.

MGK in Atlanta. MGK in Atlanta. @machinegunkelly | Instagram

A video shared on Twitter shows the couple sharing an affectionate moment together after the concert on Friday night.

Before leaving the Big Peach, Machine Gun Kelly joined Drake in advocating to free Young Thug and other YSL Records artists who are currently imprisoned in Fulton County while awaiting trial for gang-related charges.

Kelly took to Instagram to share a collection of photos and videos of him with Young Thug, depicting their friendship over the years.

One video shows Kelly helping the rapper put a necklace on backstage and another clip catches a celebratory high five and chest bump after performing onstage together.

His caption reads, "Atlanta doesn’t feel the same tonight without the bros 😢 #FreeThugger #FreeWunna #FreeYSL."

Fans flooded the comments using the hashtags #FreeYSL and #FreeThugger to show their support.

Drake also has been using his platform to advocate for YSL's freedom. He shouted out Young Thug in the track "Sticky" off his most recent album Honestly, Nevermind, saying, "Ayo Eric, bring them girls to the stage, 'cause somebody's getting paid, and free Big Slime out the cage."

The words "FREE YSL" also flash across the screen in green slime font in his new viral music video for the song "Falling Back," which features Tristan Thompson.

Machine Gun Kelly ended his time in Atlanta with a cheeky Instagram post captioned, "It's just sad that no one's showing up. 🙄😁 #MainstreamSelloutTour."

The video shows MGK onstage in front of a stadium packed with a massive crowd of screaming fans.

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Georgia Contributing Writer
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