Drake Pushes To Free Young Thug & YSL Artists From Jail In Atlanta On His New Album

Young Thug recently made a live announcement from behind bars.

Georgia Contributing Writer
​Drake smiling in a blue jersey. Right: Young Thug performing on stage in a pink jumpsuit.

Drake smiling in a blue jersey. Right: Young Thug performing on stage in a pink jumpsuit.

Drake appeared to show his support for his long-time friend and Grammy Award-winning artist Young Thug on his new album Honestly, Nevermind which was spontaneously released at midnight this morning.

The Canadian artist seemingly referenced his friends' incarceration in Atlanta in his song "Sticky" with the lyrics "Ayo Eric, bring them girls to the stage 'Cause somebody's getting paid and Free Big Slime out the cage."

The words "FREE YSL" also appear in green slime font in his new music video for the song "Falling Back" (see 1:53), which has already amassed 1 million views eight hours after its release.

"Big Slime" is a known nickname for Atlanta rapper Young Thug who was arrested on May 9 on gang-related charges along with 28 others affiliated with the YSL collective.

Drake and Young Thug's friendship dates back several years. The two went on tour together in Europe back in 2017 and have been spotted frequenting nightclubs in Atlanta together.

Prior to the May arrest, Drake was seen in the comments of Young Thug's Instagram live stream offering a plane to him and Gunna, who was also incarcerated as a result of the YSL indictments.

The album's reference didn't go unnoticed. Fans took to social media to applaud his displays of support, with one Twitter user calling the music video's message "top tier."

Drake's timely message is made an appearance just days after Young Thug shared a virtual message from jail at the Hot97 Summer Jam concert asking fans to show support for his Rap Music On Trial: Protect Black Artists petition.

The petition aims to protect rap lyrics as a form of artistic expression and prevent the court from using lyrics against artists on trial.

"You know, your support during this time means a lot to us, ya know. You know, this isn’t just about me or YSL; I always use my music as a form of artistic expression, and now I see that Black artists and rappers don’t have that, you know, freedom" Young Thug expressed.

The movement, which had obtained 41,906 signatures at the time of publication, stipulates the Fulton County prosecutors heavily relied on lyrics from Young Stoner Life Records artists as confessions of criminal intent.

Maeve Browne
Georgia Contributing Writer
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