BC Weather Is Getting A Short Break Before Another Atmospheric River Brings Even More Rain

A "potent system" is on the way.

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BC Weather Is Getting A Short Break Before Another Atmospheric River Brings Even More Rain

The wild weather in B.C. will be taking a brief pause on Sunday, November 28 before ramping up again early in the week.

According to The Weather Network, the "soaking rains will ease up across parts of B.C. Sunday afternoon and evening, but another potent system is expected early next week for Tuesday morning, lingering into Wednesday."

"Seven-day rainfall totals of 75-125 mm are anticipated for much of the Lower Mainland, with 125-250+ mm for alpine regions and the west coast of Vancouver Island," according to TWN.

But there it's not all bad news. "The unrelenting stormy pattern breaks down as we head into late week -- from Thursday to Saturday," says TWN. "There will be no major systems to impact the region."

The storms across the province have been wreaking all kinds of havoc, so the area is definitely due for some clearer weather.

Multiple cities were forced to evacuate earlier in the month, and in a press conference on Thursday, November 25, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General Mike Farnworth advised people to have their emergency kits ready for the weekend.

On Wednesday, Abbotsford Mayor Henry Braun advised the public in the Sumas Prairie region to not drink or use the water due to water main breaches.

"We know there is hazardous, potentially toxic, material in these floodwaters, which is why we need to complete an environmental assessment of the area to ensure it is safe," he said.

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