7 Big-Name Companies Hiring In Canada Right Now That Offer Impressive Employee Benefits

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A Canada Post office sign. Right: A Bank of Montreal building.

A Canada Post office sign. Right: A Bank of Montreal building.

Looking for a new job? Well, dust off your resume because there are a bunch of big companies hiring in Canada right now and the jobs come with some pretty impressive benefits and perks.

These big businesses have a whole load of vacant positions open and — even better — a lot of these jobs don't require a whole lot of prior experience or a specific education.

If you're dreaming of a role with perks like baby bonding leave, in-depth mental health support or coverage for your spouse or children, here are seven companies hiring right now that might just be offering what you're looking for.


Salary: Varies

Company: Google

Details: Google has a variety of jobs available, and they're not just for people with advanced computer knowledge.

The global company is looking for developers and people with business know-how to join their team, with openings available in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and more cities across Canada.

The Benefits: If you get a job here, you'll have access to a whole bunch of perks that come with working at Google, including impressive health, dental and mental health coverage with insurance.

In fact, the company promises a focus on wellness, with tons of resources for mental health.

Along with that, it offers family support such as parental leave, baby bonding leave, caregiver leave and much more.

Add in flexible time-off and it seems Google is not a bad place to work.

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Canada Post

Salary: Varies

Company: Canada Post

Details: If you're someone who likes the great outdoors and would enjoy helping people get their mail and packages -- this could be a great opportunity for you.

Canada Post is looking for mail carriers from across the country to join their team. There are over 600 full and part-time openings at the organization, with options to become a post office assistant or a mail carrier, to name a few.

The Benefits: If you do get a gig with Canada Post, you'll be entitled to health benefits, disability and personal leave and much more.

Plus, some of these positions, such as letter carrier and postal clerk, are part of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, which means they come with higher pay than a non-union position.

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Home Depot

Salary: Varies

Company: Home Depot

Details: If you know a thing or two about sales, home renovation or retail, Home Depot could be calling!

The retailer currently has nearly 300 job openings across Canada, with positions ranging from delivery driver to department supervisor.

The Benefits: The company boasts an impressive benefits package for its employees -- as well as their spouses and dependents. This includes tuition help, a stock purchase program and retirement plans.

The benefits are available to full and part-time staff, which means workers at Home Depot can expect medical, dental, disability insurance and life insurance to all be provided by the company

What's more, if you're salaried at the company, you are able to get parental leave too.

So pop on that orange shirt and get to it!

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Salary: Varies

Company: IKEA

Details: There are a bunch of openings at IKEA locations across Canada right now, from roles working within stores to corporate positions.

Plus, IKEA often has hiring pools you can contribute your resume to and they will pull it up when a location in your neighbourhood is hiring.

The Benefits: Workers at IKEA can expect a "100% covered benefits package," RRSP matching and wellness days, to name just a few of the perks that make the job sweet.

And, if you're hungry, you can also get discounted meatballs. Winner!

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Salary: Varies

Company: Costco

Details: There are so many Costco job opportunities across the country right now, including in the realms of finance, marketing and boots-on-the-ground labour.

And, even better, Costco has one of the most robust benefits packages out there.

The Benefits: Workers at Costco have three benefit programs to choose from, depending on their needs. Most employees are eligible for extended healthcare, dental, disability, life insurance and an employee and family assistance program.

It's also possible to elect to cover your spouse or your children with the benefits.

If you're looking to make it your career, Costco will also make contributions to your retirement (once certain requirements have been met) based on your earnings and those will increase the longer you work there.

Just don't sneak extras of the samples, like you might as a customer!

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Salary: Varies

Company: BMO

Details: The Bank of Montreal has openings for loads of jobs right now, from tellers to big-time corporate positions.

Not only do a lot of these roles come with hefty salaries, but the bank behemoth has some great benefit packages for its employees too.

The Benefits: Health and wellness benefits are included for employees, as well as a healthy dose of paid time off and vacation days.

And if you're someone who likes to get involved in your community, or have been looking for an excuse to, the company will also give you paid time off to volunteer.

Naturally, the bank also offers some good financial benefits to help you save up for retirement.

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Canadian Tire

Salary: Varies

Company: Canadian Tire

Details: This retailer currently has a bunch of positions available, with nearly 200 openings across Canada, including in retail, tech and corporate.

And, given that Canadian Tire owns such brands as Marks, Sportchek, Hockey Life, and more, there are endless opportunities under their umbrella.

The Benefits: Canadian Tire promises to make their employees lives a bit easier in a bunch of different ways.

They have benefits for physical, mental and financial well-being, including medical, dental and mental health benefits, with other options available depending on your needs.

Moreover, they offer virtual healthcare, employee assistance programs and mental health resources. And these also can apply to your family as well.

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Good luck out there, job hunters!

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