Britney Spears Posted A Bunch Of Nude Photos On Instagram & Fans Have A Lot Of Questions

"Anyone else concerned about this?"

Britney Spears.
Global Staff Writer

Britney Spears.

Britney Spears is bringing the heat on Instagram with a series of censored nudes, but many of her fans were a little overwhelmed by the sheer number she shared.

The pop star posted three different carousels in a "photo dump" on Monday and they are all quite similar. She is standing fully naked in front of the camera with her hands covering her breasts. A heart emoji has also been added to cover her pubic area in each photo, per Instagram's censorship rules.

In the first post, she shared in the caption that those photos are a throwback from "before there was a baby inside" her.

By the third post, which she posted a few hours later, she said "I love you all SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOO much."

Spears has posted revealing photos of herself in the past, but her 12-pic photo dump had many asking questions on Monday.

Fans have been commenting with messages of support, judgement and worry, while others have joked about the frequency with which she posts photos of herself naked on Instagram.

"Anyone else concerned about this? I know she's an adult but????" wrote one user.

"Oh good. It’s been about 4 1/2 minutes since you posted a naked pic!! I was beginning to get worried," commented @cjlove2323 on the post.

"Babydoll you need some real friends. Friends don't let you post stuff like this. I mean that with love. Think about your babies," said @nseakyfox101.

"So sad, Britney needs help. Disappointing that some of her fans are giving positive feedback, encouraging these posts," commented @lesleybiggs67.

"Is it just me or is Britney Spears being hacked?" wrote another user.

Others defended her, saying it's her right to post now that she's free of her years-long conservatorship, and some highlighted the fact that other celebrities such as Kim Kardashian do it as well.

"So Kim Kardashian can do this but Britney Spears can’t? And you all wanna call her crazy when she is doing the same thing all the other girls are doing? Make it make sense," posted user rudycrablejr on Twitter with a nude photo of Kardashian and Spears side by side.

"This is really strange to me. why do y'all EAT UP the kardashians when they show their bodies but comment shit like this when britney spears does it? people are so fake woke it's sad and pathetic, stay out of successful womens business," said another fan on Twitter.

There is no question that since her conservatorship ended earlier this year, Spears is living her life under the prerogative.

Spears revealed in mid-April that she and boyfriend Sam Asghari are expecting their first child together. She also claimed later in the month that she was going to be taking a break from social media.

Seems like her break is over!

Cata Balzano
Global Staff Writer