BC & Alberta's Weather Forecast Calls For 'Winter-Like Weather' & Here's When It Will Hit

It's B.C.'s "wettest month of the year."

Downtown Calgary with snow. Right: B.C. mountain.

Downtown Calgary with snow. Right: B.C. mountain.

The weather in western Canada is looking chilly to start the new month, so get out your coat! B.C.'s and Alberta's weather forecast for November said that winter weather is coming early this year.

If you love to put up the Christmas tree right after Halloween, then it might even be good news for you.

The Weather Network forecast that November will start out with "shots of winter-like weather to western Canada." That just doesn't sound very enjoyable!

Luckily, we aren't the only ones though, as TWN said that the chilly weather will spread to eastern parts of Canada about halfway through the month.

The western Canadian province might get one final taste of fall before settling in for hibernation.

"We expect that the focus of the cold weather will remain across western Canada and mild temperatures should make another appearance or two before winter finally settles in," TWN added.

As for rain, people in B.C. should prepare for what is "typically the wettest month of the year" on the south coast. This November is no different, with "above-normal precipitation" expected "across most of southern B.C., and southern Alberta."

The south coast of B.C. is predicted to get "near-normal or slightly above-normal precipitation totals," which TWN says "will be a dramatic turnaround from the extreme drought conditions that were prevalent through mid-October."

Overall, it seems like all those in western Canada should get ready for a cold, rainy, and then kind of a warm mess of a month! Good luck out there.

Morgan Leet
Morgan Leet is a Senior Editor for Narcity Media based in Vancouver, B.C.