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A Calgary Restaurant Reopens After Mouse Carcasses Were Found In The Kitchen

They were stuck to glue traps.

Calgary Staff Writer
Oakridge Pizza in Calgary. Right: A closed in sign in a window.

Oakridge Pizza in Calgary. Right: A closed in sign in a window.

A Calgary pizza restaurant reopened on April 22 after health inspectors found mouse carcasses stuck to glue traps in the kitchen and storage areas as well as 13 other health violations.

During an inspection, an Alberta Health Services executive officer reported that two live mice were running around in the dishwashing area of Oakridge Pizza, on 90 Avenue Southwest.

A notice of closure said that mouse droppings and urine were found in the kitchen, the dishwashing area, food and equipment storage areas, the staff washroom and behind the front counter.

"Numerous desiccated mouse carcasses were observed on the glue traps in the kitchen and storage areas," it said.

It also said that at Oakridge Pizza, "an effective pest control program was not in place" and no pest control records were available for inspectors.

Parts of the restaurant were said to be "cluttered and disorganized" with wet used cleaning cloths mounded on the counter. There was also an "accumulation of dirt, grime and/or food debris on kitchen and structural surfaces."

"In the pizza preparation cooler, containers of food were stacked directly on top of each other; the bottom of one container was in direct contact with the food inside the container below," the notice of closure said.

The restaurant was ordered to shut its doors on April 19 and remain closed until work to rectify the issues has been "completed to the satisfaction" of an AHS officer.

Gerald Raffan, the owner of Oakridge Pizza, told Narcity issues arose as the restaurant's former pest control company was not keeping up with their agreement to clean out traps and date glue strips. He said the proximity to a nearby field also meant pests were attracted to the restaurant in winter.

Raffan said a pest control company had been hired to rectify the problem and the situation is now corrected.

"We are back in business today serving the best pizza in the southwest," Raffan added.

    Charlie Hart
    Calgary Staff Writer
    Charlie Hart is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada's Western Desk focused on Alberta news and is based in Calgary, Alberta.
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