If you’re expecting a child and need a little inspiration, look no further. Canada’s top baby names in 2020 are so different from 20 years ago, but some names do appear on both lists!

As this year comes to an end, provinces across Canada have been confirming their most popular baby names.

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While many names, such as Olivia and Benjamin, appear to have been popular for decades, this is no longer the case for many of the top names from 2000.

According to ThinkBabyNames, the top ten Canadian girl names in 2000 were Emily, Sarah, Emma, Jessica, Hannah, Madison, Ashley, Megan, Taylor and Olivia.

Now, 20 years later, the only ones from that list that remain in the top ten are Olivia, Emma and Hannah.

Names like Mia, Sophia, Mila, Charlotte, Zoey, Aria and Amelia have now replaced the others to take these top spots.

When it comes to boys, only Benjamin managed to secure a place on Canada's 2000 and 2020 list.

Back then, Joshua, Matthew, Jacob, Ryan, Nicholas, Ethan, Michael, Benjamin, Brandon and Alexander were the favourites.

Now, names like Liam, Jackson, Noah, Lucas, Oliver, Grayson, Leo, Jack, Benjamin and William are considered to be the most popular.

Although the new year hasn’t even started yet, some websites are already predicting the biggest names for 2021.

Mason, Ethan and James are expected to see a boost in popularity next year, as are the names Ava, Harper and Evelyn.