Discontinued Canadian Snacks That'll Take You Right Back To Recess In The 2000s (VIDEO)

Those were the days. 🍫

@callmeblais in a TikTok showing discontinued Canadian snacks. Right: Dibs ice cream.

@callmeblais in a TikTok showing discontinued Canadian snacks. Right: Dibs ice cream.

If you grew up in Canada, chances are you had some delicious snacks in the 1990s or early 2000s that you can't find in the grocery stores anymore (or even remember what they were called!)

Over on TikTok, @callmeblais made a roundup of discontinued Canadian snacks that'll have you yearning for simpler days of sitting on the field with your friends during recess or catching up on the latest episode of Mr. Dressup after school.

"Canadian Snacks I miss," he captioned his post.

First up is Doritos Rollitos Nacho Cheesier, which was basically a rolled-up Dorito and much crunchier than the original chip, followed up by the much-loved Dunkaroos — although many in the comment section note the treat is available again in some parts of the country.


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In terms of nostalgic breakfasts, he gave a shoutout to Kraft Bagel-fuls (a very un-bagel-like pastry filled with cream cheese), Yogos Bits (yogurt-covered fruit snacks) and the truly incredible invention that was Eggo's French Toaster Sticks.

As for frozen goods, Nestle's Dibs ice cream and Bugz Popsicles each got a moment to shine, followed by the monstrosity that was Kid Cuisine, a frozen dinner catered to the palates of pre-teens. Yum!

As if all these foods weren't nostalgic enough, @callmeblais also made a TikTok on TV shows from the 1990s and 2000s that'll likely unlock some childhood memories.


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From Canadian classics like The Big Comfy Couch and Mr. Dressup to programs beloved by kids all over, such as Arthur and Zoboomafoo, there was nothing better than grabbing your snack and getting cozy on the couch for a few hours, watching these programs!

Those were the good old days!

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