The Christmas traditions in Justin Trudeau's family household are just like yours, but with a special twist. According to the PM, holiday time at the Trudeaus' involves cheesy holiday movies and gifts with a side of birthday cake.

Speaking outside of his home, Trudeau said that Christmas "has always been a special day" for him and his family.

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"We usually get together to eat too much food โ€” including birthday cake โ€” share laughs and stories, watch cheesy holiday movies, give each other gifts and, most importantly, spend quality time together," Trudeau said.

If you don't know why his family eats birthday cake on Christmas, it's because the PM's birthday is December 25.

Trudeau isn't the only one in his family who was born on Christmas Day. He shares his birthday with his brother Alexandre.

"This time of year is supposed to be full of joy, light and family traditions but this Christmas is different," the prime minister noted.

Recently he revealed what he's going to miss the most about the holidays this year, which is spending time with his relatives.

Still, the Trudeaus seem to be making the most of the holidays this year by decorating the tree and baking Christmas cookies.

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