Justin Trudeau Revealed What His Holiday Plans Are This Year As COVID-19 Cases Rise

He said people need to make choices that are right for themselves about holiday gatherings and travel.

Justin Trudeau Revealed What His Holiday Plans Are This Year As COVID-19 Cases Rise
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It's almost time for Christmas and Justin Trudeau has revealed what he'll be doing with his family for the holidays this year as cases of COVID-19 are on the rise.

In a segment from a year-end interview with CTV News that was released on December 13, the prime minister was asked if it's time for people to cancel their holiday gatherings and travel plans because of rising COVID-19 cases.

"I think people need to make the right choices for themselves and based on public health information," Trudeau said.

This year, Trudeau's holiday plans are pretty simple.

"I'm going to be spending Christmas at the cottage, I'm not going anywhere," he said.

So, the prime minister will be celebrating this Christmas — which is also his 50th birthday — in Ottawa at Rideau Cottage where he lives.

While Trudeau is keeping his holiday lowkey this year, he didn't tell others what they should or shouldn't do.

"Other families will make the decisions that are right for them," he said.

The country's top doctor has released her advice for holiday gatherings across Canada, which includes celebrating safely by being with people who are fully vaccinated and following public health rules.

With Ontario's latest guidance, it's recommended that people keep their social contacts as low as possible so that the holiday season doesn't become a super spreader.

Also, the province's top doctor said all attendees should be vaccinated.

In B.C., people are being told to keep their gatherings small and make sure everyone who's there is fully vaccinated.

Last year, Trudeau shared his family's Christmas traditions, which include eating a lot of food, watching cheesy holiday movies, opening gifts and having birthday cake!

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