This is admiration on a global level. The list of the world's most admired people for 2020 just came out and a few Canadian people were included. The report by YouGov asked people in 42 countries and territories to weigh in on the rankings. 

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Whose the most admired person in the world?

The list is divided by men and women, meaning there are actually two people in the top spot when it comes to admiration.

This year, they happen to be married to each other. Talk about a power couple!

Barack and Michelle Obama were the most admired man and woman, respectively for 2020.

While the former first lady held onto her spot at number 1 from previous years, her husband actually rose to the top for the first time ever.

Barack Obama beat out Bill Gates this year, knocking the Microsoft founder into second place.

Are there any Canadians on the list? 

This list is a true global ranking with people from all over the world represented. There are Americans, Indians, Russians, Chinese people, and more. 

There are also two Canadians. 

Billionaire Elon Musk, who has citizenship with South Africa, Canada, and the U.S. came in ninth place. He is also the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX.

Musk saw the biggest jump in the rankings, moving up from 13th last year.

Actor Keanu Reeves came in just behind the tech giant. The Canadian-raised star is the 10th most admired man in the world this year.

While not a citizen of Canada, Queen Elizabeth II who is the head of state of this country came in third on the woman's list.

How did Canadians vote? 

YouGov also provides a breakdown of what people in the various countries thought of the top contenders, showing the percentage share of admiration for each person on the list.

The Obamas fared pretty well in the True North with Barack getting an admiration score of 20.91% and Michelle getting a score of 17.31% in Canada.

Canadians also had some admiration for the queen who came in second on this national list, with a score of 10.97%.

While he didn't crack the global list, Canadians also voted for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, putting him in third place on this ranking with an admiration score of 7.75%.

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