I Visited Whistler As A Tourist & Here's Why You Should Just Skip It Altogether (PHOTOS)

Yeah, I said it.

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The busy Whistler Village. Right: Tristan Wheeler at the top of a hike.

The busy Whistler Village. Right: Tristan Wheeler at the top of a hike.

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Whistler, Canada, is widely advertised as one of the best places to visit in the entire country, as well as the whole world.

However, while the natural surroundings are unbeatable, some of the food is amazing, and opportunities for adventures are everywhere, there are a ton of things about the area that I think honestly make it very skippable.

During my four years living in Vancouver, trips to Whistler and the surrounding areas were a part of my summers and, sometimes, winters.

And so, that makes me an expert on one of the most beautiful places in the world and why you honestly do not need to visit it.

From expensive accommodation to better things to do elsewhere, here are the reasons why I think you should just forget about staying in Whistler.

Accommodation costs

Staying in or near Whistler is super expensive, even if you have budgeted for these costs.

Matter of fact, it's so pricey that the only reason I was ever able to stay in the town was when I was able to stay at a friend's house for free or fluked into a heavily discounted room.

If I didn't have those chances, I would be paying hundreds of dollars for a single night, even when booking an Airbnb!

To make matters worse, prices are often subject to seasonal changes, so if a big event in town is happening, or it's the middle of the ski season, prepare to really pay up.

Dining and drinking expenses

Everywhere you turn in Whistler, it seems like someone's trying to make a buck on you.

While that's probably expected in a tourist town, it quickly becomes exhausting.

Asides from a few places, such as Stinky's Bar, every restaurant, bar, and store is geared towards milking tourists of all their cash.

Anyone looking to eat or drink in town is really in for an expensive evening, unless they're super smart about their purchases or have a small stomach.

The crowds

Regardless of whether you visit in the middle of summer or winter, it's likely that Whistler village will be absolutely packed.

People will be crisscrossing in front of you, you'll feel like you're shoulder to shoulder with strangers, and lines to popular restaurants and bars will be incredibly long.

So, while the area is a natural paradise, don't go expecting a remote experience.

There's a really good chance you'll be sharing your vacation days with thousands of other people all looking for that same natural seclusion!

If you're not outdoorsy, there's nothing to do

While this might seem like a given, it should be noted.

If you're not one to hike, bike, ski, snowboard, or just generally be outside, then there is not a whole lot to do in Whistler.

The way I see it, if you're not out skiing or enjoying nature, you can see everything that the Whistler Village has to offer in maybe half of a day.

Even if you want to do stuff in between your outdoor activities, there's not a whole lot to do other than walk around!

You can find better

Tristan Wheeler's campsite in Garibaldi Provincial Park.

Tristan Wheeler's campsite in Garibaldi Provincial Park.

Tristan Wheeler | Narcity

I'm not going to say that Whistler is not a beautiful place to be, because it really is.

But if you're going to visit that part of the country, there are places outside or nearby that offer the same beauty for a fraction of the price.

Spots like Pemberton, Squamish, or even Lillioeet offer amazing, beautiful surroundings with nicer, less touristy vibes.

Also, if you're someone who likes to rough it, there are also plenty of great places to go camping in the region.

The natural beauty is un-skippable

You should skip Whistler because exploring the Whistler area is way more worth it than hanging out in the tourist centre.

Outside of Whistler, I've hiked to beautiful mountain tops, camped next to crystal blue glacial water, licked a glacier — I didn't get an ancient disease, I swear — and have gone swimming in gorgeous, warm lakes.

So, skip past the hub and jump right into what makes the region world-famous — its unparalleled natural beauty!

Tristan Wheeler
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