I Worked At McDonald’s In Canada & These 7 Things Make The Staff Absolutely Hate You

I was not lovin' it.

A McDonald's meal. Right: McDonald's drive-thru sign.

A McDonald's meal. Right: McDonald's drive-thru sign.

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When I was 16, one of my first real jobs was working at the drive-thru at McDonald's in Canada.

While some may think working at the fast-food chain would be a slog, I'd say it was one of the better jobs I had in my teen years and, honestly, I have pretty fond memories of it.

That being said, there were a few things that would irritate the absolute hell out of the staff (my 16-year-old self included), so if you've ever been guilty of doing any of the things below, you might want to reconsider your behaviour. Please!

Asking for "fresh" nuggets

Asking for "fresh" McNuggets is a request that came in surprisingly often and is a sure-fire way to annoy everyone on the line.

In my experience, nuggets (and most meats) are cooked in batches throughout the day as needed and are kept warm until they are used.

Asking for fresh nuggets means you're forcing someone to get out an entirely new bag of nuggets and cook the whole lot of them, which takes more than a few minutes away from what that person would normally be doing and could result in an excess of product at the end of shift, which means it gets dumped.

Like, my friend, you are at McDonald's. Maybe adjust your expectation a bit?

Asking for "fresh" fries

Asking for "fresh" fries is less annoying than asking for "fresh" nuggets, but it's a bit of a silly ask.

During busy periods, the fries are almost constantly being replenished. Even during calmer times during the day, they may sit for a maximum of ten minutes before they're all used up.

Quite frankly, there's really no difference in the quality between fries that come straight out of the fryer and those that have been sitting in a warmer. But hey, if you want to stare at me for three minutes while I fry them up fresh, you do you.

If you ask for fresh fries at the drive-thru during the overnight shift, there's zero chance you're getting them. At my location, we'd just dunk the already-done fries in the oil for a few seconds — think of it as a "refresh." Sorry, not sorry.

Complaining about the ice cream machine not working

You know what sounds good on a hot summer day? An ice cream!

You know what rarely works? The ice cream machine!

I absolutely understand that this is frustrating, but getting annoyed at me is not going to solve your problem, just like it didn't solve the problem of the dozen people before you that complained.

I made about $12 per hour when I worked in McDonald's. I promise you I was not responsible for the state of the ice cream machine and had no sway in whether it was fixed or not.

Leaving your spawn unattended

The amount of parents that would come in, order some food and then just... leave their child was astounding (and possibly illegal?).

They'd generally be a little sneaky about it and stash their kid in a corner a little out of sight, but c'mon, we're not babysitters!

As well, if your kid is in the play place, you really need to keep an eye on them — mishaps can happen and it really isn't up to the employees to make sure your kid isn't kicking another.

Asking for secret menu items and expecting us to know what they are

If you want to modify something in your meal, sure. Asking for a bunch of modifications might make us roll our eyes, but it's usually do-able.

What I can't do for you is punch in an item I've never heard of that is not on the menu. No, there really isn't a secret menu, and asking me about it isn't going to get you anywhere.

Thankfully, TikTok wasn't a thing while I worked at Mickey D's so people didn't hit me up with too many wild secret menu requests, but I do feel for those who work there in the age of social media!


I used to work the overnight shift at the drive-thru and it was a real introduction to how gross people can be. Around 2 a.m., when the bars and clubs all closed, a wave of drunk people would be rolling up for food. This brought with it behaviour that was cringey at best, and unsettling at worst.

At first I would be quite upset when people would say something lewd to me, but it was character-building in the sense that I learned to be empowered and tell people they weren't going to get served, so keep driving. Bye!

Rude people

That brings me to a customer service classic — rude people!

This might be common sense to many, but don't yell at the person doing their best to get you your food. It's likely not their fault it's taking a while, that there's a line-up, that it doesn't have the perfect ratio of ketchup to mustard that you desperately need, or that your kid is unhappy with the toy in their Happy Meal.

We're all just trying to make it through the day, so show a little kindness the next time you visit a fast food place!

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Sarah Rohoman
Sarah Rohoman is an Editor for Narcity Media focused on Canadian celebrities and is based in Toronto, Ontario.