IKEA Is Recalling A Mirror That Falls Unexpectedly & You Can Get A Refund Without A Receipt

You can bring it to your nearest IKEA in Canada for a full refund.

An IKEA location.

An IKEA location.

Add this one to your running tally of IKEA recalls, Canada!

A mirror from IKEA is currently being recalled due to the risk of it "unexpectedly falling" and people who have bought the recalled product can get their money back.

Per a recent press release, IKEA Canada has warned that certain LEITTAN mirrors should be returned to their nearest IKEA location for a refund or a repair.

Items that have date stamps between 1901 and 2105 — with the first two letters meaning the year and the last two the week — apparently have a risk of breaking their wall fittings and falling down.

"We urge all customers who own an affected LETTAN mirror to stop using it," said the press release.

The mirror itself looks to be a large, square, frameless wall-mounted product. And, instead of a frame, it has six small grey brackets along the outside on the top and bottom.

The LETTAN mirror.The LETTAN mirror.IKEA Canada | Newswire

If you do find yourself with an affected item, you can do a few different things.

You can get in contact with IKEA Canada and have the replacement parts shipped free of charge, or you can return the item to a store and get yourself a full refund.

And, there's some good news if you got bought the mirror a few years ago, as you do not need to have a receipt or proof of purchase to get the refund.

So, if you do have a LETTAN square mirror in your house somewhere, double-check the date stamp to see if your product is included in the recall.

And this isn't the only IKEA Canada product that has been recently recalled.

Last year, IKEA recalled a chair due to the risk of a part unexpectedly detaching and injuring the person sitting in it. On top of that, an espresso maker was also recalled in 2022 because it could potentially burst while in use. Yikes!

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