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You Can Now Fly Alaska's Non-Stop Flight Cross-Country From Miami To Seattle & It's So Cheap

No need for a cafecito, this is going to be fast! 🛫

Alaska airline plane in the air. Right: A woman standing outside of Public Market Center in Seattle.

Alaska airline plane in the air. Right: A woman standing outside of Public Market Center in Seattle.

Y S | Unsplash, Narcity
Florida Associate Editor

Skip the cafecito, you won't need to stay awake for this quick flight! You can now take a non-stop trip from Miami to Seattle on Alaska Airlines, and flights are extremely cheap.

The Miami International Airport wrote in a Facebook post that they're connecting two of the most iconic coffee towns for the 100th non-stop destination.

"With our new daily nonstop launching in June, we’ll be connecting two cruise capitals just in time for summer while teeing up easy fall getaways to South Florida, the Caribbean, and beyond," said Brett Catlin, the Vice President of Network and Alliances at Alaska Airlines.

The Emerald City and the Magic City are about 3,294 miles away from corner-to-corner in the nation, so prices usually aren't so affordable, but with these new developments, there seems to be a decrease.

Recent one-way trips are as low as $229 at the end of August. Roundtrips in October are also as low as $257-282.

In comparison to what is usually seen for flights around this time, it's significantly lowered. Some plane rides in September are as high as $600-900.

Seattle, WA is home to many monumental sites, like the Space Needle, the Museum of Pop Culture, and Pike Place's Public Market.

Although it might be a different scene than themed restaurants, Wynwood Walls, or South Beach, this flight is only six hours and 40 minutes long, which can be so worth beating a layover with long wait times.

The first one of its kind departed yesterday out of Miami International Airport.

Before you get going, check out our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

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