7 Popular Netflix Movies & TV Shows That Were Actually Filmed Right Here In Canada

Some flicks may have filmed in your very own backyard! 🎥

Ryan Reynolds in The Adam Project. Right: Margaret Qualley in Maid.

Ryan Reynolds in The Adam Project. Right: Margaret Qualley in Maid.

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Most Canadians have probably streamed a show or movie on Netflix and said, "Hey! I recognize that place!"

Why? Well, because so many movies and series on Netflix are actually filmed across the Great White North.

In fact, Canada is home to a bunch of famous filming hubs, including for huge recent series like The Last Of Us and Yellowjackets.

According to one economic report, around almost 200 theatrical films were produced in Canada in 2021 alone, along with hundreds of both Canadian and non-Canadian TV shows.

And, as we're about to see, a whole bunch of Netflix productions that you've probably seen and loved have been shot in your very own backyard — right here in Canada!

Here's a look at just a few, from The Adam Project to Maid.

The Adam Project

This sci-fi family action movie was filmed in the main actor's hometown of Vancouver.

Starring Canadian star Ryan Reynolds, the movie features several iconic Vancouver locations, including the University of British Columbia, Vancouver Convention Centre and local forests.

To make it even more Canadian, it's directed by Montreal-born Shawn Levy.

The Christmas Chronicles

If you want a bit of festive cheer, why not just step outside your front door and see some of the filming locations of these modern Christmas classics?

Both The Christmas Chronicles and The Christmas Chronicles Part Two are filmed in Canada, featuring locations such as Vancouver, Toronto and the snowy resort town of Whistler.

In the movie, you can see the streets of The 6ix, the Harbour Convention Centre in Vancouver and forest landscapes up in Whistler.


Starring Margaret Qualley, this series about a single mother escaping an abusive relationship was filmed all over Vancouver Island, especially in the Victoria area.

In the series,you can see the Schwartz Bay Ferry Terminal and a bunch of local Victoria businesses and bars.

The grand house the titular character works at is also located in Victoria, too.


Fractured is a movie about an accident, scary hospitals and one person's journey to find some answers. And it was filmed in Winnipeg, Manitoba!

The movie stars Sam Worthington and features locations across the capital city, including two hospitals and some stretches of road and scenery outside the city.

To All The Boys

Although this movie was filmed in Vancouver, the city is pretending to be Portland, Oregon.

Every one of the To All The Boys films —To All The Boys I've Loved Before, To All The Boys 2: P.S. I Still Love You and To All The Boys 3: Always and Forever — have been filmed in the west coast metropolis.

If you watch the movie series, you can catch local locations like Point Grey Secondary School, the Vancouver Aquarium, Queen Elizabeth Park and a whole bunch more.

Heck, if you live in Vancouver you might even see your own house!

Always Be My Maybe

If you wanted a rom-com filmed almost entirely in Vancouver, look no further.

This movie staring Ali Wong and Randall Park is set in San Francisco, but anyone who's been in downtown Vancouver will recognize it instantly.

Iconic locations like Vancouver's Chinatown, the art gallery, and a few popular restaurants and bars are all featured in this cute comedy about former lovers.


This fantastical movie is yet another one that was filmed in locations across Canada.

Starring Jason Momoa and child actor Marlow Barkley, this film follows two characters searching for the child's father (who has been lost at sea).

You can catch Ontario locations in this movie such as Oakville and Toronto, as well as West Coast spots like Victoria and Whistler.

You'll also see Toronto landmarks like the Old City Hall and the Fairmont Royal York Hotel, or the peak of Brandywine Mountain near Whistler.

And if you're curious about these flicks featuring Canada, you might also be interested in some of the new movies and shows that are coming to Netflix Canada this month, which includes old faves and original movies.

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