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An Ottawa Restaurant Is Offering Free Dinner To Some People Who Clapped Back At The Convoy

Anyone know Balcony Guy or Pot and Ladle Man?

Toronto Associate Editor
An Ottawa Restaurant Is Offering Free Dinner To Some People Who Clapped Back At The Convoy
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Now that the Freedom Convoy is clearing out, one Ottawa restaurant is reopening and inviting some people over for a free meal who stood up against the protesters.

"We are excited to announce that we are finally reopening on Wednesday," North and Navy tweeted on February 21, adding that they missed their customers very much.

"We would like to invite Blue Jacket Guy, Balcony Man, Pot & Ladle Man, 3 grannies and of course Zexi Li to dinner on us any time. If you know them please pass this along."

According to CBC News, Zexi Li is the 21-year-old who proposed the class action lawsuit against the Freedom Convoy and got the injunction to end the honking in downtown Ottawa.

So, who exactly are Blue Jacket Guy, Balcony Man and Pot and Ladle Man? Well, you might have caught a glimpse of them in one of their viral videos in protest of, well, the Freedom Convoy protesters.

Pot and Ladle man banged a ladle against a pot loudly while a small group of trucker convoy protesters tried to get him to quiet down, which might have been his commentary on their constant honking throughout Ottawa's streets.

In a video that contains some foul language, Blue Jacket Guy bellowed at a trucker asking what freedom they've lost.

"I've lost my mind because I haven't slept in five f***ing days," Blue Jacket Guy screamed before engaging in conversation with the videographer about which level of government is responsible for the vaccine mandates.

As for Balcony Man, well, this person flipped off the protesters from their balcony and told them to "f*** off," along with various other expletives, in another video that went viral.

Marika Morris and her neighbours are the three grannies who blocked a convoy of trucks from entering their neighbourhood and kept giving protesters the thumbs down every time one trucker kept honking their horn, CBC Ottawa reports.

Narcity reached out to North and Navy but did not immediately hear back before the article was published.

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