Trudeau’s Family Got Out In The Snow This Weekend & ‘Finally’ Made A Snowman (PHOTO)

The kids are as cute as ever!
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Justin Trudeau’s Family Got Out In The Snow & ‘Finally’ Made A Snowman (PHOTO)

Thanks to the huge snowfall in Ottawa this weekend, Justin Trudeau’s family has “finally” been able to make a snowman.

In a new Instagram post, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau shared another insight into the family’s home life by posting a picture of Hadrien Trudeau’s snowy creation.

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“Finally enough snow for a snowman!!” wrote Grégoire Trudeau, sharing an adorable image of 6-year-old Hadrien in the slush.

Her post comes as Ontario and Quebec were covered in snow over the weekend, with some spots reporting over 30 centimetres of fluffy flakes.

Even though the Trudeau family are firm lovers of the fall season, it seems they know how to make the best of winter too!

This isn’t the first time Sophie Grégoire Trudeau has shared a sweet insight into the famous family’s life recently, either.

Earlier this week, she posted about how all of her kids are online learning right now, while her husband is also working from home.

In an Instagram Live, she also spoke about her relationship with her best friend and the duo discussed how they’ve been “thick as thieves for 13 years."

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