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11 Things To Do In Ottawa This Weekend If You Can't Choose Between A Valentine & Football

There's a lot to celebrate. ❤️🏈

11 Things To Do In Ottawa This Weekend If You Can't Choose Between A Valentine & Football
Staff Writer

Maybe you're someone who loves love, perhaps you'd rather think about a future getaway or are only concerned with Sunday's half-time show. No matter if you plan on having a romantic date night, snacking hard for the football game or neither, there's fun to be had in the city.

Here are eleven things to do in Ottawa this weekend if you can't choose between Valentine's Day or the Superbowl.

Plan a luxury spa date

Price: $60+

Address: 1140 Wellington St. W. Suite C100, Ottawa, ON

Why You Need To Go: Uppliva Sauna and Spa is an indoor Nordic spa in the centre of Ottawa. They have saunas, steams and rain showers, along with cozy resting areas and a tea bar.


Shop the local Big Love Market

When: In-person February 11 - 13, virtually from February 10 - 13.

Address: 70B Beech St., Ottawa, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can get out of the house and enjoy browsing a market or stay on the couch and shop online. There are over 50 local vendors to check out, it won't be hard to treat yourself.


Have an axe throwing date night

Price: $79+

Address: 250 City Centre Ave. #232-230, Ottawa, ON

Why You Need To Go: Lumberjaxe has a date night special for Valentine's Day that includes an hour of axe throwing, two cookies, one hot appetizer and two drinks. Everything is locally made.


Watch a flick in a historic theatre

Price: $9.50+

Address: 325 Rideau St., Ottawa, ON

Why You Need To Go: With multiple movie showtimes available each day, the Bytowne Cinema is a historic theatre downtown that was built in the 1940s. You can transport yourself back to a simpler time, and have an old-school movie date.


Grab drinks and snacks for the game

Price: $16+

Cuisine: Pub-style party packs

Address: 2477 Kaladar Ave., Ottawa, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can order a Superbowl party package of beer with eats like nachos and wings, a sweet Valentine's Day special, or a whole keg of beer. Friday is the last day to pre-order for pick up or delivery on Saturday.


Interact with glowing light installations

Price: Free

When: February 10 to March 6

Address: Rue Laval, Gatineau, QC

Why You Need To Go: You'll find six cylindrical light displays in Gatineau, that play music and cartoons when you interact with it and pull the lever.


Browse a vintage pop-up market

When: February 12 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Address: 274 Richmond Rd., Ottawa, ON

Why You Need To Go: You'll be able to hunt for hidden gems and shop all things vintage in the Westboro neighbourhood this weekend. You'll find clothing, decor, collectibles, jewelry and more.


Make reservations for a romantic dinner

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Italian

Address: 430 Preston St., Ottawa, ON

Why You Need To Go: La Roma has a special takeout menu for Superbowl Sunday and a set Valentine's Day menu for Monday. The Valentine menu includes your choice of starter, main and dessert, and is dine-in only. It's best to call to preorder or make reservations.


Book a romantic staycation at a woodsy cabin



Address or Neighbourhood: 1696 Moores Rd., Laurentian Hills, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can take time to plan a future girls' weekend or gift a romantic stay to your love. There are a number of cozy cabin stays around Ottawa, including Anupaya Cabin Co. It is a relaxing stay in nature, with waterfront access and is only two hours from the city.

Prices and terms of occupancy are confirmed at the time of publishing, but they can change at any time.

Try to help a wizard escape an alternate realm

11 Things To Do In Ottawa This Weekend If You Can't Choose Between A Valentine & Football

Courtesy of Room Escape Ottawa

Price: $29+

Address: 1860 Bank St. #3, Ottawa, ON

Why You Need To Go: Room Escape Ottawa has a new escape room theme that is their most technologically advanced yet. It will feel magical as you solve clues and puzzles to try and help Melvar the Mystic escape from being trapped in an alternate realm.


Treat yourself or your love to something shiny

Price: $18+

Address: Pick up at 610 Bronson Ave., Ottawa, ON

Why You Need To Go: If you're still looking for a Valentine's Day gift for her, or want to treat yourself to something special, Pearls for Girls creates beautiful pearl jewelry, with proceeds being donated to support education for girls in Africa. They have some dainty pieces and fun pink pearls.


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