Pierre Poilievre & Jagmeet Singh Are Fighting On Twitter & Throwing Accusations At Each Other

"You're a hypocrite," the Conservative leader tweeted. 😬

​Pierre Poilievre in the House of Commons. Right: Jagmeet Singh.
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Pierre Poilievre in the House of Commons. Right: Jagmeet Singh.

Pierre Poilievre and Jagmeet Singh are going at it on Twitter, calling each other "a hypocrite" and "the gatekeeper of the super-rich" — all because of groceries.

While the Conservative and NDP leaders have been at odds quite a few times recently, they don't usually go back and forth by responding to each other's tweets.

It started with Singh's tweet on Monday about Poilievre and the prime minister not standing up to CEOs who are making profits as people struggle to afford groceries.

"Here's something to think about. Have you ever seen Justin Trudeau or Pierre Poilievre take on grocery CEOs? The truth is Loblaws makes $1 million in EXCESS profits a day," he said.

"While you struggle, Liberals and Conservatives take donations from them and stay silent."

Then, a day later, Poilievre posted a quote tweet in response to Singh's callout on Twitter.

"You're a hypocrite," the Conservative leader tweeted. "Since you joined the costly coalition with Trudeau, food prices and Weston's bonus have both skyrocketed. If you wanted to tax Weston, you'd have done it by now."

Poilievre accused Singh of only taxing consumers in Canada — and not grocery CEOs — by "voting to raise the carbon tax on their food."

Later in the day on Tuesday, Singh took another shot at the Conservative leader with a reply to Poilievre's tweet.

"All you do is talk, Pierre," he said.

According to the NDP leader, Poilievre has voted against an excess profit tax, a wealth tax and the elimination of stock option loopholes.

"When Galen Weston was summoned to Parliament, you ran away. You're the gatekeeper of the super-rich," Singh said.

Poilievre and Singh went after each other quite a bit throughout 2022 on things like dental care, grocery prices, the Liberal-NDP deal and more.

The NDP leader slammed Poilievre for trying to block the federal government's dental care plan while his coverage was "paid by taxpayers."

He blamed the Conservative leader for not allowing the increased GST rebate to go out to Canadians earlier than planned.

When Singh and Trudeau's parties entered into a supply and confidence agreement to keep the Liberals in power until 2025, Poilievre said it was "a radical and extreme agenda."

He claimed that the Liberal-NDP deal would take away the freedom people have in order "to increase spending and taxes and inflation."

Singh also called out Conservative MPs in the House of Commons for laughing when he said Canadians can't afford groceries and for heckling him when he talked about being the prime minister one day.

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