Simu Liu Is Starting Beef With Ryan Reynolds In A Devastating Diss Track (VIDEO)

Don't worry, it's for charity!
Simu Liu Is Starting Beef With Ryan Reynolds In A Devastating Diss Track (VIDEO)

Hugh Jackman isn't the only other Marvel actor who is now feuding with Ryan Reynolds, as Simu Liu has jumped into the ring to take on his fellow Canadian.

Liu, who has appeared in Kim's Convenience and will be playing the titular role in Marvel's Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, came at the Deadpool star with a devastating diss track on his Instagram.

"I’m sorry Ryan... but your smack down has arrived," he wrote, "Better call @timhortons cuz this roast just got DARK!!!!!"

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The video was created to promote the two Canadians having their first match-up in the AGBO Superhero League, which is similar to fantasy football, only with actors from Marvel films facing off for their charities of choice.

Even though it was all in good fun, Liu did not hold anything back, coming after his peer for Green LanternDetective Pikachu, and even being named People's "sexiest man alive" (back in 2010).

The actor managed to pay some respect to Reynolds while still hitting him with lines like, "now I'm a big fan of Deadpool, I don't mean to be blunt, but Deadpool's CGI man, I do my own stunts."

The Vancouver native has yet to respond to the video and has most recently been rekindling his ongoing feud with Hugh Jackman (also for charity).

Outside of this fantasy matchup, Liu has also been getting involved with another good cause. He named a UNICEF Canada ambassador back in October.

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