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Real Estate

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Texas has an impressive real estate market boasting house prices so shockingly low it might not seem real, but it definitely is.

Proof of that was recently shown in a viral TikTok posted by realtor Isaiah Ramos (@isaiah_ramos_rgv_realtor) of a brand-new 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom home in Rio Grande City, Texas, with a $355,000 listing price that made people — mainly Canadians — so jealous.

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With thousands moving to Texas in recent years bumping up the population to over 30 million, it only makes sense that several neighborhoods around the state are among some of the most desired in the United States.

A study conducted by Opendoor in November 2022 shows these new Texans love moving to New Braunfels, which ranked fourth on America's "20 hottest neighborhoods" list. It was only behind Clarksville, TN, Celebration, FL and Yukon, OK, which were rated as the three top areas on these charts.

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There's a mystical San Antonio real estate property that has its very own private cave full of natural stalagmites right in the backyard. There's a stairway leading down the underground, and it's pretty spectacular. It's also for sale!

This four-bedroom Texas home is listed at $875,000 by Lori Largen of JB Goodwin Realtors. The property was on the market for 25 days, according to the listing, originally valued at $950,000. It currently has a sale pending for the decreased price tag.

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There's certainly a market for inexpensive real estate in quaint coastal beach towns across the United States. If you've been wanting to experience it for yourself, Realtor recently compiled data to list the most affordable beach towns in America.

After scouring the median home prices of over 1,300 coastal towns located around the country for a year, the home-searching website elected the cheapest towns to live in that are actually "on the water" and have fun beachy activities and eateries.

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