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Stolichnaya Vodka Just Changed Its Name & It Wants Nothing To Do With Russia Or Boycotts

Stoli says it's totally behind Ukraine.

Global Staff Writer
Stolichnaya Vodka bottles

Stolichnaya Vodka bottles

Boycotts keep targeting Stolichnaya vodka for seeming "Russian" amid the invasion of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and the brand has finally had enough.

The famous vodka company wants people to know that it is, in fact, a Latvia-based vodka company right now, and all the anti-Russian boycotts over Ukraine are hitting the wrong target.

In an effort to sever its association with Russia, the company is taking matters into its own hands and has decided to change its name.

The vodka company changed its name to "Stoli" this week, cutting ties with the Russian-language name that became famous under the Soviet Union.

In addition to changing its name, the company has also decided to pull out of Russia entirely and will no longer be sourcing ethanol from there, reported The Wall Street Journal.

The company has also joined hundreds of other global brands in publicly supporting Ukraine against the invasion.

"We unequivocally condemn the military action in Ukraine and stand in support of the Ukrainian people," reads a message on the Stoli homepage.

Stoli has also changed its homepage colours to match the blue and yellow of Ukraine's flag.

In a statement, the company said it has a history of fighting the Russian regime and Stoli's Russian-born owner, Yuri Shefler, is no friend of Vladimir Putin.

Shefler actually bought the Stolichnaya trademark amid a bitter court battle a few decades ago in Russia, although it was a longtime Soviet brand before that. The Russian government also disputes the deal that Shefler made to get the name, and the billionaire has since been exiled.

"I share the pain of Ukraine and its people," he said.

"The safety and security of our Ukrainian team is our top priority," CEO Damian McKinney said in the statement. "We are monitoring the situation closely and are already moving swiftly and decisively to provide support where needed, both to our people on the ground as well as partners."

He added: "While we do not have any operations in Russia, we do in Ukraine and across many of the bordering countries."

So raise a glass to Stoli, because they clearly don't want any part of what Russia's up to.

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