Florida’s weather has been brutal lately, swinging between scorching temps and torrential downpours that might even prompt you inner DIY-ers to build your very own ark. This weekend and early next week, The Sunshine State may finally be getting some reprieve as another massive Saharan dust cloud blows towards the state. The cloud is expected to push out any building moisture and even bring some stunning sunsets.

Kristin Giannis, a meteorologist for Fox 35, reported the enormous plume Friday morning. The weather tracker shows a finer layer of dust already stretching across The Sunshine State, followed by a much darker and much larger cloud that's moving across the Atlantic.

The peak of the cloud is expected to settle over Florida by Tuesday.

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The dust cloud could come as welcome news to Floridians, especially in the midst of hurricane season, as it can suppress the development of tropical storms due to the dryness of the air.

While several tropical storms have already been named, six to be exact, Giannis says the next week or so should be relatively quiet, with no storms predicted to progress any time soon.

Along with sucking moisture from the skies, the dust cloud is also expected to enhance Florida’s already incredible sunsets. With light reflecting off the dust particles, it can create an incredible and deep red-orange glow.

The first massive dust cloud that crossed the state brought some pretty gorgeous sights. Photos of the beautiful sunsets the dust produced the first time around popped up all over Instagram.

If you needed some fuel for your Insta-feed, the Saharan Dust Cloud should definitely be on your radar.

Between triple-digit temps and unending rain, you may finally be able to get a beach day in this weekend. The Weather Channel calls for temps in Central Florida to hover in the low 90s over the weekend with about a 50% chance of rain in the evenings.

Escape to a watery oasis this weekend and keep an eye out for some stunning sunsets thanks to the incoming Saharan Dust Cloud!