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These Photos Show Vancouver If Sea Levels Rise & You Don't Want To Be Living In These Areas

A new map has been published showing what areas are going to be suffering the most as sea levels rise, and looking at Vancouver is scary.

The research was released by Climate Central and shows a map with areas at risk. The red on the map highlights the tideline if temperatures rise 3 C due to global warming, and the blue highlights it after 1.5 C.

Even with a drastic reduction in carbon pollution, flooding is still expected, according to the research. So, take note of the areas on the map because it might be where you live.

Climate Central

The image below shows a simulation of what BC Place in Vancouver would look like if climate change continues on the current path.

Climate Central

The image below shows the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre.

Climate Central

Overall the photos are pretty chilling, and make our potential future worrying.

The Queen has been overheard criticizing world leaders over their lack of action towards climate change.

She made the remarks after the official opening of the Welsh Parliament's sixth session in Cardiff on Thursday, October 14, while speaking with the Duchess of Cornwall, Princess Camilla, and Elin Jones, the parliament's presiding officer.

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Climate Change Could Affect Sea Levels Across Canada & Some Cities Could End Up Underwater

A map shows which spots are the most at risk, and it doesn't look good for B.C.

Research has revealed the places in Canada that could be the most affected by climate change if sea levels rise and some cities could actually end up underwater.

Climate Central, an independent organization of scientists and journalists who research climate change and its impacts on people, has released a map of the world that shows which spots could be submerged by rising sea levels. The risk map highlights areas that could be below the tideline after 1.5 degrees of global warming in blue and after 3 degrees of global warming in red.

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13 Things 2 West Coast Girls Wished They Knew Before Moving To Toronto

Dundas Square is overrated and the winters are actually worse in the 6ix.

Canada is one of the biggest countries in the world and each province and coast has its own quirks and individual culture from weather to slang.

Here's what two west coast girls from Vancouver and Calgary wish they knew before moving to downtown Toronto.

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Climate Change Could Impact So Many Canadians Who Are 'Unaware' That They're At Risk

A report said almost 1 million buildings in Canada could be at risk for "major damage" from flooding.

When it comes to climate change in Canada, it turns out that plenty of people in the country might not even know they could be majorly impacted by what's to come, a report says.

According to a report by the Canadian Institute for Climate Choices on the costs that climate change could have on Canada's infrastructure, many people are "largely unaware" of how the effects of climate change on things like buildings, roads and power supplies in Canada will impact them.

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