Casa Loma's Christmas Trail Just Opened & It's Like Stepping Into 'The Nutcracker' (VIDEO)

Here's a first look at the holiday splendour.

Madeline beside life-sized Nutcrackers. Right: Casa Loma with Christmas decorations.
Associate Editor

Madeline beside life-sized Nutcrackers. Right: Casa Loma with Christmas decorations.

You'll feel like the Sugar Plum Fairy at this enchanting holiday event in Toronto. Casa Loma has transformed into a majestic Christmas castle, and you can take a glowing trail through all the magic.

Casa Loma's Holiday Lights Tour is now open and will run on select dates until January 8, 2023. The tour takes you on a self-guided adventure along a 2 kilometre trail, and here's a first look.

The journey begins in the castle gardens, where you can grab some hot chocolate and wander through a forest of twinkling lights. Be careful, because the Grinch might just be lurking amongst the trees.

Illuminated Christmas trail.Illuminated Christmas trail.Madeline Forsyth | Narcity

One highlight of the tour is all the themed rooms you can explore along the way. You'll step into a space filled with giant nutcrackers, a room decked out in gnomes, an all-out candy land, and more. You'll even see some adorable penguins singing tunes.

Gnome-themed room with candy canes.Gnome-themed room with candy canes.Madeline Forsyth | Narcity

You'll pass by giant, glowing displays outside as well as some vendors selling sweet treats. The rest of the trail runs through the castle's underground tunnels, which have been adorned with twinkling lights and festive scenes.

Castle with Christmas displays.Castle with Christmas displays.Madeline Forsyth | Narcity

You can write a letter to Santa and visit Mrs. Claus as you journey through the glowing pathways.

Tunnels at Casa Loma.Tunnels at Casa Loma.Madeline Forsyth | Narcity

The experience ends in Santa's workshop, which is overflowing with festive decor. You can snap a photo with the man in red and even visit his reindeer in the stables.

Santa Claus.Santa Claus.Madeline Forsyth | Narcity

Casa Loma is also hosting Christmas at the Castle, and you can journey inside the palace to see tons of unique Christmas trees and performances.

Holiday Lights Tour at Casa Loma

Madeline standing in candy-themed room.\u200b

Madeline standing in candy-themed room.

Madeline Forsyth | Narcity

Price: $45 + per person

When: Select dates until January 8, 2023

Address: 1 Austin Terrace, Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: Explore a dazzling trail filled with festive scenes at this glimmering Christmas castle.


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Madeline Forsyth
Associate Editor
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