Doug Ford's Daughter Shares How She Doesn't Wear A Mask & Calls To 'End The Mandates'

Krista Ford Haynes says she "hardly ever" wears a mask in public.

Doug Ford's Daughter Shares How She Doesn't Wear A Mask & Calls To 'End The Mandates'

Premier Doug Ford's daughter is back at it again, and this time she's advocating for anti-masking and sharing tips on how she does it.

Krista Ford Haynes has not been shy about her feelings towards Ontario's mask mandate, and on Wednesday she took her disdain to the next level. She shared how she "navigates" not wearing a mask in public in a video on Instagram after praising protesters in Ottawa.

Haynes calls herself a "smile advocate" and "freedom fighter" and goes through various scenarios of going mask-free in public. She explains how she manages the situation from claiming to have a medical exemption to leaving a store if necessary, in her latest Instagram post.

"I took a hard line in the sand when they mandated masks," said Haynes before sharing that she was not shaming others for choosing to wear masks.

Haynes says she has "hardly ever" worn a mask throughout the pandemic and that she has only had "one negative reaction" that "wasn't even bad."

Haynes says she went into a Shoppers Drug Mart last summer without a mask and a man got "so mad" and yelled at her for not wearing it.

"He got so mad at me he started yelling at me, but you know what? All you got to do is remember to smile."

"I just smiled and said, 'You have a good day' I kept my six feet of distance, as I always do, and kind of just went on with my business," she said.

Despite the man allegedly grabbing his manager, who then called the owner, Haynes says she refused to put her mask on, and she was just "really polite" and that the owner "never, of course, showed up" before she left the store.

She says she has changed her shopping habits and tried to support businesses that allow her to shop without a mask.

During her video, she pulls out a plastic mask that she uses, which starts under her nose and calls it a "mingle mask." She uses it for stores like Costco, where masks are more strongly enforced, according to Haynes.

In the caption of her post, Haynes signs off with the hashtag "#endthemandates."

Narcity reached out to Haynes for comment, but she did not respond in time for publication.

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