While the Fords have been married for decades, they haven't known each other forever. 

Doug Ford's wife actually met him for the first time at a pool party that was hosted by his parents, according to the Toronto Star.

Karla admitted that she was shy and didn't approach him at first, but now they've been married for over 30 years.

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His eyes met my eyes. I was shy and quiet so I didn’t approach him.

Karla Ford

She also adds that her parents loved Doug because he takes care of his family. 

"My mom and dad both loved him because he was a respectable young man.

"My mom said, ‘He takes care of his mother and a man like that will take care of his wife,’" Karla remembers.

After meeting, the two fell in love and it wasn't long before they settled down. 

The two got engaged during a date at a hockey game, and they still do weekly date nights.

They now have four daughters, who look so alike they can unlock each other's phones with face ID.